Shamelessly heating the outdoors

fishflyWhat did I tell you? I am here at Houghton Lake Fish Fly City. This fish fly was found in the freezer. I do not know how long it has been in there but probably a couple weeks. There aren’t a lot of these beasties around this weekend but a couple weeks ago or so everything around here was covered in them. I wasn’t here then but I know how it goes. I think this specimen is pretty cool and not just because it’s in the freezer, har har har.

We did not eat this for dinner tonight. We’re saving it for tomorrow night! Just kidding [grin]. We went to the North Shore Bar for Friday night fish fry. I love the North Shore but it is what it is. How do I describe it? Bar food. Best fries anywhere on the lake. Tiki bar. Utility food. Red whine = Merlot (not sure if it was out of a box and don’t care). Fast, *very* friendly service. Tiki bar. Happiness. I’m writing in fragments because I’m thinking in fragments now that we are back here at the Group Home and the six of us that are here are all kind of talking at once. I am trying to ignore all of the conversation so I can write coherently but *of course* I cannot because *of course* I am getting involved in all of the conversations too. So I am not coherent but then I am usually not coherent, roight? Har har har…

Heating the outdoors? Did your mother ever yell at you for opening doors or windows when the furnace was on? Close that door! You’re heating the outside! Let me tell you that we are doing that here at the Group Home tonight. Some people were cold and some people were hot. We threw caution to the wind, turned up the heat (a little bit) and opened some strategically placed windows. None of us are rich by any stretch of the imagination but doing this for a few hours on a higgledy-piggledy Friday night will not break the bank for any of us.

This song by Heart is for Randy but it is also for me and my memories.

3 Responses to “Shamelessly heating the outdoors”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yes, heating the outdoors–heard that a lot. I love fresh air, but also like to be warm. (not too much though) So I often have the screen door open and ALWAYS have my bedroom window open a bit, even in winter. 🙂 That’s a cool looking fly. Sounds like a great dinner and time; I enjoy those small hometown places.

  2. Sam Says:

    Loving the Heart-song. And, lemme say: Tiki bar.

  3. Paulette Says:

    So I thought that the HL group home had one of those outdoor heaters for the deck. LOL I wonder if those work well. We have the plague of many, many, mini mosquitoes here at the beach. Need a mosquito magnet for the living room. Enjoy your weekend.