Living dangerously…

…by posting my location on facebook. Lemme see… I posted the photo below this morning and tagged it “Courtois Cabin”. I took this photo from the second bridge over the canals. This is my turn-around point on my Houghton Lake morning Skunk Walk route.


The GG set up the Lyme Lounge in the front yard so I posted a photo of that and said it was open for business. And tagged it “Courtois Cabin”. Will we sleep out there tonight? Maybe. We’ll see.


And then we took off to get some grokkeries in the Flote Bote so I posted a photo of the Twinz of Terror and tagged it “Courtois Cabin”. I love that we can go the the grokkery store in a boat. When Mouse was in second grade, she completed a little writing assignment with “I wish I could take a boat to school” accompanied by a picture of a mouse in a canoe or rowboat or something.


After we got our grokkeries, we moseyed along the shore to this lovely orange (salmon pink?) gas station. I didn’t post this on facebook but I did post it on Instagram but I think I tagged it Houghton Lake, not Courtois Cabin.


Later this afternoon, we were hanging about at the Courtois Cabin and someone came into the yard! He asked The Beautiful Gay if this was the Courtois Cabin. The GG looked out the window and said, “That looks like Roger!” And it was indeed our North Country Trail buddy Roger. He was traveling from downstate to the yooperland. He had seen my posts on his phone and thanks to modern GPS / mapping technology, was easily able to navigate to the Courtois Cabin. Fun times! Am I afraid of this. Not really.

There was also a bit of kayaking this afternoon. A wimpy little ride down to the point and back. But guess what? This kayak woman has always struggled with the technique of getting in and out of the kayak here at Houghton Lake. There is no beach here and getting in and out of a kayak via the dock doesn’t work well for me. I can find shallow enough water to get *in* to the boat. Getting out is trickier, especially given that sometimes after being more or less immobilized for the duration of the ride, often one or the other of my legs develops a blasted Charley Horse upon getting out. I have had Charley Horses my entire life and I know how to dispatch them but the potential for one makes me leery about trying to exit a kayak in knee-deep water. But guess what? I figgered out how to use the LADDER — the one at the end of the dock — to get out of my bote today. It was easy as pie! I am so excited about this discovery! Is that a bad thing?

One Response to “Living dangerously…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Looks like a beautiful day and full of adventures and new discoveries. That pink gas station is COOL!