This has been a bad day but tomorrow is another day to quote GWTW.

Yeah, it’s another day all right and it has gone from bad to WORSE — in a precipitous manner!!!! Not only has the internet service in my house degraded to the point where I have to GO ELSEWHERE to accomplish anything on-line, I CANNOT SEEM TO FIND MY CELLULAR TELEPHONE. I had it when I left the Gunder Myran building after class thismorning and now I don’t. Yes, this is the SECOND time I have lost the blame fool thing. No, I can’t call it because I silenced it before I went to class.

I CANNOT get my homework done without a viable internet connection. I CANNOT be without a cell phone. Oh, and my powerbook battery is going south too (third battery) and I don’t have time to deal with that either.

I am a supreme loser. Somebody please just shoot me, willya?

UPDATE: hi moom, i think you’ve probably gotten my message/discovered this by now, but your telephone is in the security office at washtenaw. love, mouse

Yay for whatever honest person picked it up. Now, may tomorrow PLEASE be a better day.

2 Responses to “aaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhhh!”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    nah, no shooting.

    you ‘n me ‘n Froggy need to hitch a ride on Buoy 22 to Someplace and play duets (with Froggy vocal improv – no regard to appropriateness…) and drink ‘hattans.

  2. Isa Says:

    if we shot you i’d be a sad, motherless almost-22 year old. please don’t.