onward and upward?

Okay, phone retrieved. Somehow. I encountered the grumpiest security person on earth this morning. She moved and talked like a snail, went back behind a partition and rummaged around *forever*, finally producing the *wrong* phone. She then seemed to be trying to tell me it was the only one there. “Somebody in this office called my daughter from it,” said I, refusing to leave the room until it was found. Fortunately, another woman of completely opposite disposition entered the room and said cheerfully, “oh, no, it’s that other phone.” After some friendly chit-chat, I was off to negotiate the parking lot river and get my feet totally soaked for the second time this morning. The phone is locked in my vee-hickle. I don’t think I’ll ever bring it into one of these buildings again. They are jinxed. At least I didn’t drop it into a toilet.

2 Responses to “onward and upward?”

  1. Isa Says:

    i love you, moom!

  2. Webmomster Says:

    Question…just *how* did the office know which stored number to dial to reach your daughter?? Or was someone just intrigued by the name??