Eight Trombones and Other Care Package Items (I Love You Mousey :-)

What do you guys send in care packages to your college kids? Here are a few items from a list of things needed in Kalamazoo:

  • “peanut butter (there should be some in the cupboard already)” Yeah, like four jars. Take your pick: creamy or extra crunchy.
  • “maple pecan dream granola” Took me a while to sort through the granola at Whole Foods to find this particular kind.
  • “coffee!! arbor farms/whole foods, something organic. probably a lighter roast is better?” Ooookaaay. There were NO parking places in the Whole Foods lot this time and I was terrified of the crazy drivers in there, so I went over to Arbor Farms. Lighter roast? Hmmm, lemme see… After reading all of the labels on the organic coffees, I finally chose the house blend. Next problem. How fine to grind it. I think I randomly picked one of the “drip” settings.
  • “Plymouth bamboo US size 6 double pointed needles, 6″ if they have them. Also, if there are any Brittany Birch size 1.5 needles, i could use a set of those.” Wilma helped me find the proper needles. I showed the Brittany Birch 1.5s to a friend, who said, “Those look like toothpicks. What is she gonna knit? String?”
  • “crystallized ginger **trader joe’s**” Well, this is one item (out of about 15 total) that I failed to find. I even asked. The nice, cheerful young man pointed to some ginger and then raced off to some other part of the store. I looked closer. “UN-crystallized candied ginger.” Close, but no cigar. I guess I can read better than him. Oh well. One out of about fifteen items isn’t too bad.
  • “The other eight trombones”

So, I can’t believe it was only 11:15 AM when I got *back* from a trip to Kzoo. Whomp! Back on The Planet again. Got over there pretty promptly at eight to take Mouse and Lairi the Rake out to breakfast at the Crow’s Nest. And drop off all the loot. Plus a package from The Commander with a little bit of Grandribbly in it plus a china teacup and saucer The Comm was offloading. And a dress to a friend’s daughter. Back onto the I94 18-wheel Clogway before 10. Gratifying to see the cops stop a young punk who was previously seen weaving in and out of all the traffic at about 90. Getcher license out of a Cracker Jack box, kid?

And, yes, we do scatter our people widely.

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