lensflareMaybe I should rename this boring old blahg something like “Babblative”. Or how about “An Ongoing Exercise in Inanity”. Yes, it is hard to come up with every day content that is acceptable for posting on the internet. How do I do it? I am as boring as all getout! My real life is actually much a bit more exciting.

But here we are. I have nothing much to talk about. Yesterday I was kvetching about the dribs and drabs of leftover stuff in my refrigimatator and today I looked at all of those damn ziploc(k?) bags again and I cobbled together a Mother’s March on Leftovers that My Dear Uncle Harry would be proud of. And made a salad and cleaned out the top crisper, which was empty at that point. Clean me, please!

Oh, and then, the GG threw a sleeping bag up the stairs from the Landfill Dungeon and it landed on Rooooomba and Roooomba made a “happy to serve you” noise and set off to vacuum the Back Room. I’ll let her run for a while. Random vacuum cleaning.

I am done for the night. There are things I want to talk about on my blahg. Like one of today’s supreme court’s decisions. But I am not quite old enough to throw caution to the winds and wear purple (although I have always worn purple). Someday. Maybe. Some opinions are best left unsaid.

One Response to “Babblative”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The SC made a few decisions today, right? I will have to re-read about them and figure out how purple fits in. My brain is a bit tired tonight after fighting with computers. I always have lots to talk about; it’s more about what I can actually put out there in public. 😉