Muskrat Love

fleursYou’ll have to settle for this loverly flower photo because I couldn’t get the money shot today. Mouse and I were walking through West Park and there’s a Water Feature in there now and there is wildlife there, although not the 20-pound carp because they moved him over to Gallup Park where there’s a little more water. And then he ran for city council but that’s a whole ‘nother story. Tonight, as we were walking along the boardwalk, a cute little mammal came scurrying along swimming quick as a wink to his home, dragging a huge vine with him. Muskrat! Mommy, can I take him home?

We were headed to the Jolly Pumpkin for dinner, where Mouse finally succumbed to the coveted lamb burger and I got a lovely bit of trout with corn custard and pickled radish. And a CHIVE FLOWER!!! We had (have?) some in Mouse’s Garden and I posted a photo of them to facebook a while back and people came out of the woodwork to tell me they were edible and I kept meaning to go harvest a few for salads and kept forgetting (or maybe I was a wee bit nervous about the idea) and now we’re getting past the season but there was a chive flower right on top of my salad, so I ate it! Yes, peppery and good! Note to self!

So, as we waited for our food, we were hanging out on our iPhones, of course. Mouse was making a grokkery list but I was shamelessly checking facebook. And there was npJane posting about breaking into the cabin next door looking for beer and THERE WAS NO BEER! Yikes! No beer? I just about did a spit-take. Roight! Okay. npJane is at the Moominbeach opening up the Old Cabin and she doesn’t have to break in to the cabin next door because she has a key and permission to go in and take whatever food, etc., she might need, not that she needs permission because the Fin Fam has always had an open door policy of borrowing food or whatever is needed at any given moment. NOTE TO SELF! Leave some beer at the moomincabin!

Actually, in recent years, as dorm-sized refrigimatators began to materialize in the Landfill Dungeon, we have begun the practice of plugging one of those in on the front deck. We keep beer and stuff in there and if people are on the beach and want a beer, they can just grab it out of the fridge on the deck instead of rinsing off their feet to go inside and get one. (Of course, if they have to beachP, they still have to go inside unless they want to beachP in Gitchee Gumee, which is perfectly acceptable now that we don’t wear wool bathing suits.) The beer refrigimatator also makes for more space in the cabin fridge. When it’s beer I have personally bought, my policy is that *anyone* in the adjacent cabins is welcome to whatever beer is in there, whether I am around or not. That is also my policy with the jamadots wifi, which I have steadfastly refused to password-protect. If you are close enough to use the signal, you are welcome to it! Sharing. I learned that in kindergarten.

I have always hated the song Muskrat Love. I cannot think of a more insipid song, not to mention the duo who sang it, The Captain and Tenille. Say who? I cannot believe how much airtime this stoopid song got when I was a college freshman or thereabouts. Bring on the acid rock, please! Click on that link if you dare (alas, there is a frickin’ ad). (I played it here in the back of the Landfill and Mouse was appropriately disgusted.)

Oh yes! ISS Above was flashing like crazy when we got home tonight!

One Response to “Muskrat Love”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hated that song too, among others. I’m trying(and failing) to think of any song I liked by Captain and Tenille. I like your attitude about beer and passworded internet; you must have a trustworthy family. I would lock up my beer if some of my relatives came over. 😉