Mousetraps in the dishwasher

rooftopGoogle it if you dare.

So, I have been Home Alone this weekend and that is actually just what I wanted. I was spacified. I could come and go as I pleased and work on tinking away at various cleaning and flinging prodjects. Alas, the flinging is slow-going at the moment. I make eensy-weensy little bits and scraps of progress and then I either get bogged down in something or can’t figure out what to do next. Today it was my dad’s old Army Air Corps stuff. I haven’t actually looked at that stuff before. During the vortex that surrounded The Commander’s illness and death and *still* hasn’t gone away (but these things do take time and I knew that going into it), “I think I’ll go look through Jack’s old flyboy stuff” hasn’t been first and foremost in my mind. Today I decided I at least needed to see what exactly was *in* that box and so I did. I just did a quick inventory and then put it away for the time being. There may be stories in that box but I haven’t teased them out yet and not sure I will ever know them well enough to write about them.

Anyway, that box kind of stymied me for today at least but it was okay because around then a text message came in something like, “I’m going to do some shopping in Ann Arbor, want to meet me downtown?” It was the DayTwa beach urchin and yes yes yes yes! Her Momdar was in full-tilt boogie mode and she knew I would welcome some company this afternoon. I threw my umbrella into my backpack and scurried roly poly pell mell downtown, galumphing through Miller Woods and… I was getting close to West Park and the clouds off to the west looked menacing. Just then, Lizard pinged me to ask if she could pick me up because the weather looked inclement. Yes! I’ll be walking down Huron.

We had ugly looking clouds all afternoon and I was expecting pop-up thunderstorms but although I experienced a few errant drops of rain, it never did thunder and we had so much fun downtown. Clothing for Liz at Urban Outfitters (“looks like all the stuff nobody wanted from their attics” –The Commander, December 2010 [not an exact quote]). A few needful things at Downtown Home and Garden, where the two of us just *slayed* the cashiers with our schtick. I guess it was a slow day there… Light lunch on the Jolly Pumpkin rooftop (photo and yes I have been there with *both* daughters this weekend), a quick stop to visit Mouse at work and now we are at the Landfill…

…where it has been suggested that I put MOUSE TRAPS in the dishwasher. I mean mouse traps that have had DEAD MICE in them. Is anyone else grossed out by this idea?

P.S. I can’t remember how we got on to this but somehow the band Oasis came up and Lizard has her own memories of that but my memories are the days it played on repeat as I drove kids all over town in the POC. Unlike my parents, I loved my kids’ music (or most of it) and here’s Wonderwall. Miss those days…

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I love wonderwall–but mouse traps in the dishwasher, not so much. I don’t know if I should google it or not! We have had ugly clouds and cloudbursts for the past few days. Running has been challenging!