Things I can’t blahg about (not G-rated)

blueWell, there is the Supreme Court decision. You know the one (I’m still parsing the other one). About all I can say is that if you TRULY want to get rid of abortion, chipping away at reproductive rights from every possible direction is not the way to go. Unless what you really want to do is shame women for living a sexually liberated lifestyle (or being raped at the age of 12 by your mother’s crackhead boyfriend (and everything in between)). I am also trying to process what “religious freedom” means in this context and whether it means the same thing as what our much-vaunted “founding fathers” thought it meant. Because I’m not sure what it means now but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t mean what it meant when our country was founded. Okay, that’s off my chest.

I could also go on and on about the Sudden Departure of Chancellor Grifter John Covington from the charter school “district” he was “running” in Detroit the last few years. He’s going to “take care of his mother” (my ass (sorry)). Note to @onetermnerd: when you hire a replacement for the grifter, please don’t hire someone who has already proved he is a failure at this kind of job. Here is a very polite version of JC’s tenure in Detroit. The Detroit school system may be a mess but we have to do better than this ridiculous substitute for PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS WHO ARE TREATED LIKE PROFESSIONALS! And so much more… Like what the hell is a damn chancellor? Okay, that’s off my chest.

Twitter play:
The GG: Lucyyyyyy. I’m hoooooome!
KW: It’s in the freezer.

And then he asked why I was wet. I am not really all that wet but well, because, I worked from home today and it was HOT here. Not really all that hot. It’s in the 80s but it is humid and I REFUSE to turn on the damn central air because I want to hear the birds! I might turn on the a/c when it gets to 95 or 100 or thereabouts. 80-something? Not. But still. The a/c at work is lightweight but I am not sweaty when I get home. And I am not uncomfortable today. It’s a good kind of sweaty. The one you have earned after living through the Polar Vortex. Actually, I have Gertrude’s top oven going.

Why did I work from home? I didn’t intend to. I drove over to Cubeland and booted up my laptop and things seemed to be all right at first. It turned out our internet connection was down down down and we couldn’t get to our internal server. The LSCHP arrived just as a whole bunch of folks from the *other* team we share a building with were leaving with their laptops. He was “like” “why are all these people leaving?” and so he found out and and then, when he came in, he boomed out something like, “Go work from home!” So we did. It was hot here at The Landfill. I was sweaty at the end. Of course, I also galumphed over to the Plum Market.

Good night. I love y’all even if you have different views on polly-ticks than I do.
Kayak Woman

P.S. I randomly heard about this guy on NPR today. Is he related? I dunno.

One Response to “Things I can’t blahg about (not G-rated)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I agree with your politics, as expressed in this post. We probably wouldn’t agree on everything, but I suspect a ‘hattan and a beer would make our conversation lively. 🙂 We have some hot weather coming up tomorrow(I know, ONE DAY) and I refuse to drag out the portable A/C unit. I’ll just sweat it out. One of the problems with charters is that there is NOT ENOUGH SUPERVISION OR REGULATION. In the public schools, we have the opposite problem but I would rather err on that side than the graft one.