Ostrich jerky

jerkyHo-hum. Nothing to see here. Just another I75 SUV Speedway odyssey up to the Yooperland for a nice long 4th of July weekend. Along with all of the billion SUVs hauling motor botes, all terrain vee-hickles, and jeeps and things. A few beeceeclettes and kayaks sprinkled in amongst all the motorized stuff. We’re hauling a kayak (the Purple Kayak) ourselves.

No slowdowns after we got 15 miles north of The Planet Ann Arbor but that’s business as usual. Lots of aggressive driving and passing on the right. People, if I am in the left lane it is either because I am going *fast* (which I was sometimes tonight) or because I am behind a line of s-l-o-w vee-hickles trying to pass an even s–l–o–w–e–r vee-hickle. Or I am trying to let people merge at a difficult interchange. Anyway, lots of cops too but they weren’t interested in me or my 75-78 mph speed. Not tonight, anyway.

We are stopping at the Group Home @ Houghton Lake tonight. Dinner was a bit of a challenge at 9 PM. We tried to stop at the Spikehorn Barrroooom because it’s on the way to the Group Home. All the tables were filled and it was a ZOOOOOO in there. I couldn’t hear myself think. Plan B was to drop off some stuff at the GH and head over to the North Shore Barrrrooom. Plan C ended up being what worked. Breakfast for dinner at the GH. I had English muffins and apple chicken sausage in the Frog Hopper and the corner store was still open so we grabbed a dozen eggs. Once back in the day, we were approaching the Moldy Old Cabin at around 9 PM and the corner candy store must’ve seen our headlights because they turned off their sign just as we were drovening in.

Moomincabin tomorrow along with a wee bit of bizniss in Sault Ste. Siberia. Hi ho. Or maybe Ho Hum? Faaaarworks going off all over the place. I love faaaarworks but maybe I’ll hang out inside this time. Or not. We’ll see…

2 Responses to “Ostrich jerky

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t like worrying about where I’m going to eat and HATE places that are crazy and crowded. Does that mean I’m OLD?

  2. Sam Says:

    Travel safely. Our Northland trip will be…later.