In which the Amethyst Rock rises again

Launched from HL this morning (after a lovely evening with a nephew and his wife and child). Hit Glen’s Family Fare at Grayling for a loverly shopping trip. KW Power Shopping slowly through the store checking off needful things on her iPhone grokkery list. The GG wandering all over the place stopping in occasionally to contribute random things to the grokkery cart. It’s okay. We have more shopping in our future but we’re probably good until Saturday. I even remembered orange juice!

And so we got to the moominbeach and after unloading and doing some chores and connecting with various neighboring family members, I walked the beach. The beach is a lot smaller than it has been in the recent tropical years. This photo is from the eastern end, we have a regular sized sand beach in general.


The Amethyst Rock disappears and reappears at will. Or so it seems. For the last few years, it was not visible. And then, suddenly, it was. npJane spotted it first. This rock is much more beautiful in person than in this photo.


After a second beach walk and some beach-slugging with The Marquis and Pooh, I earned my whine by actually doing some linen sorting. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. I started with pillowcases. I ended up organizing most of the sheets. Not done yet but I’m on a good track. I rewarded that success with a whine on the beach. I was soon joined by The Marquis and then his son (who had recently arrived) and eventually the GG.


And then I walked up to get drinks for beach-sitters and some yeti or whatever was walking outta the woods. He had a gift for me. It is an iPhone amplifier and isn’t it beautiful? Of course we’ve been using it appropriately by listening to the Velvet Underground and other tunes on it. Love you Grinchie!


2 Responses to “In which the Amethyst Rock rises again”

  1. Aimee Says:

    There in spirit with you.
    Robyn and I just finished a long paddle around the south end of Lopez. A little bit of all kinds of water including exciting swell around Iceberg. Enough to catch your attention, but not scary. Holly B’s hazelnut bread with Brie and artichoke pesto, Rainier cherries with little bits of chocolate and whine on a sweet pocket beach lunch break. Feeling the workout, grateful for a fabulous day with my water savvy son.
    Love to all my relations on Gitchie Gumee. Walk the beach for me!

  2. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like an awesome time. I love the beach and need to go there more often. It soothes my soul to be around water.