Surprise! It’s a line of storms

maccommuterI can’t usually get a pic of the toll booths at the Mackinac Bridge. I’m either driving or there isn’t enough traffic to slow us down enough to get a pic. Yes, we have a commuter card. Our commute is a bit different than the commute of those who actually drive across the bridge *every* day to work or visit family or whatever. We do it frequently enough that the card is a convenience.

The bridge fare was $1.50 for MANY years, I *think* (but could well be wrong) since it opened in 1957. I cannot remember when it started to edge up but it wasn’t all that many years ago. Maybe 20 or something? The last fare increase was from $3.50 to $4.00 a crossing (it’s more if you are hauling a trailer — as we sometimes are — or driving a truck or whatever).

The GG first obtained the commuter card during the years my parents started to need a bit more help than they wanted to admit. I’m not sure it saves us a whole lot of money since we aren’t traveling across the bridge every day like people who live on one side and work on the other but it has been a convenience. Today, we were in the commuter card “only” line and it was *slower* than the regular lines, so we switched over to the regular line, where we could hand our card to the friendly woman in the booth.

So, pretty smooth drive down and the neighbor across the street (I’m guessing) has already snagged the little plastic Woldemort shelf units that we hauled down and put out by the curb this afternoon. We were a bit north of Flint when I handed the wheel over to the GG. I checked Twitter and it proclaimed a surprise line of storms coming toward the Planet Ann Arbor. I looked at the weather and yes, there was a line of storms. One after another heading straight to the Planet. I could see the clouds from that line of storms from our location on the I75 SUV Speedway. I believe we arrived maybe 20 minutes after those storms moved on out to the east.

So home and work tomorrow (hi ho!). I always hate leaving the beach but our garden city is so lush and beautiful right now.

Love y’all

P. S. Why yes, that is a crack in the Frog Hopper’s veeeeendsheeeeld.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Best of both worlds is what you have, KW! A lovely and family-oriented get away place and a gorgeous and interesting city to live in. My city is not so fascinating, but there are lots of places around it that are. Seattle, the Pacific Ocean, mountains and such.