It’s one of thoooose days in the life of a random everyday blaaaahhhhgger

newneedlesYou know the kind. Bumpity-crash onto the Planet Ann Arbor yesterday afternoon and bumpity-flop butt in seat over at Cubeland today. At least my butt hit the seat and not the floor. But what to blahg about. I do not know. Work? I can’t blahg about work but I can say is that I am in the discovery phase of a new prodject and that phase of *this* prodject involves combing through some obtuse old documents and diagrams and plenty of sitting back digesting with feet up.

My job varies wildly between wild and mindless copying / pasting / editing html code to debugging javascript to teasing out the answer to life, the universe, and everything, at least in the online banking industry. I was into the deeeeeeep stuff today, where I worked at a snail’s pace picking away at making sense of some old diagrams and spreadsheets, translating them into a new spreadsheet that I could understand. You don’t want to read about that. But there was quite a bit of Feet Up. Figuratively speaking, that is. I was wearing a skirt.

I always wear skirts to work. I know I’ve said this before but I am much more comfortable on “Jeans Day” when I am not wearing jeans. Actually, I haven’t owned a pair of jeans in years. I do own (and wear) various pairs of black leggings. I wear them on hiking / skiing expotitions or around The Landfill when it is cold here. My leggings are the sturdy kind that don’t show your butt and they are warm enough for walking around during most Great Lake State winters, as long as I’m wearing tights under them. I throw a long wool skirt over them when it gets really cold, like I did during the Polar Vortex. (You have to know that all of us are still recovering from the Polar Vortex!)

I think people at work are accustomed to me not conforming to Jeans Day by now. Some people over there think I am “fashionable”, which totally cracks me up. I am definitely *not* fashionable but I know what clothing will look okay on me AND BE COMFORTABLE and I buy it all online. I think more people (of every gender variation) should try skirts out. They are so comfortable and, if you are female and need to urbanP, you can manage to do that without mooning anyone who might be within sight.

One Response to “It’s one of thoooose days in the life of a random everyday blaaaahhhhgger”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I need some tights and skirts/long dresses. I’m tired of my style. Could you fly out here and advise me, please? By the way, it’s going to be hot the next week or so. 🙂