Deer in the ‘hood and hemidemisemiquavers

Crossing Bruce Street at Arborview, maybe 6:20 AM. I know that there are deer in the adjacent neighborhoods if not mine but I don’t usually see them. No, I didn’t get a photoooo. Just can’t do it all. So here’s SanFran from I dunno exactly where (it was texted to me). Someplace up high?


The Queen Bee brought her *harp* to work today. We arrived at work simultaneously and I helped her get through the door. I am gonna bet that she won’t bring it to work again any time soon because the LSCHP arranged a little impromptu lunchtime concert. The Queen Bee is a lapsed flute player (like yer fav-o-rite blahgger) and took up the Celtic harp a couple years ago. She is a very humble person (like I am) and I know that playing for people was harder for her than leading a spec review but she did a wonderful job, plus being a techie type person, she talked about how the harp worked (red strings are C, blue strings are F), and how it differed from a concert harp and her philosophy about being an older beginner whose teacher encourages her to perform for more people than her husband (also a new harp player) and their cats. And the wild turkeys that hang out looking in her window. Here’s a close-up of a bit of the strings and tuning mechanisms on her harp. Although the harp was beautiful, I was mostly interested in fascinated by the business end of things.


Watching TQB and her husband (he works there too) play the harp made me want to get back into music too. We’ll see if I do it. The photo below is the kind of stuff I *used* to play. I think I can still play the Jolivet. I could probably do the Ibert Concerto and playing through the entire virtuoso Flute Music by French Composers book was once a favorite way to relax. Yes, playing through all kind of semidemiquavers and hemisemidemiquavers was relaxing for me. I don’t think the Jolivet goes beyond semidemiquavers, at least not in the opening.


I don’t think I will take my flute to work!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That is a LOT of notes; it freaks me out just looking at it. I can still sort of play the piano, but don’t recognize some of the very high or very low notes. Nor can I do very much if there are more than 2 sharps or flats. 🙂