Beam me west! (Or north!)

beebalmEverybody who is anybody is doing something more exciting than I am today. Lizard Breath is traipsing around through the Cally-forny whine country. Mouse is camping at a music festival somewhere up north of my fave northern city Petoskey. Petoskey, I miss you! I will have to finagle a trip to see you soon. I know the traffic is bad this summer. Maybe in the fall?

Things were not that exciting here at the Landfill. I schlepped down to the Farmer’s Market alone this morning. The GG drove down to meet me there and we schlepped a couple hunks of protein and a TON of greens and other veggies home. And some kimchee. And chicken divan pasties. Eek, as I was walking downtown, the GG texted me his progress on getting up and out (first text was “shower”) via a GROUP THREAD from I dunno when. I texted back without noticing it was a GROUP THREAD and several more text messages ensued. Oops! We woke up Mouse and probably Lizard Breath too (on the left coast, no less!). Sorry, you guys!

I continued the theme of waking people up by calling my uber-cuzzint Pooh up at the old cabin and WAKING HER UP!!! I was thinking, “why does she sound so groggy?” Oh, oops! I have apologized to her umpteen times today. Now I am doing it publicly. Obviously she sleeps with her iPhone close by too. I’m doing a time-warpy thing here remembering summers in the Old Cabin when my grandmother and her sister-in-law, my great-aunt Elizabeth were around and there was NO PHONE IN THE ENTIRE CABIN! If you needed to call someone, you had to go over to my uncle Don’s house. There was a period of time when I was about 15 that I went over there every day at something like 4:00 PM to call Bad Boyfriend. Can I just say this was awkward? I always wished that we had our own phone in our own cabin but that might’ve been even worse because, when we finally *did* get a phone in there, it was right in the middle of the main room. Don’s was at least in the bedroom between the front bathroom and the living room so there was some privacy there. And now that once-15-year-old is living on into the 21st century with her own personal iPhone, freaking out when people actually call her out of the blue without texting her first to ask, “Can I call you?” Sigh…

I dunno what else. Regular Saturday laundry and vacuuming chores and the GG did a bunch of horrible drain cleaning in the Blue and Only Bathroom. Can’t wait to gut that room and put New Everything in it. But not quite yet.

In the later part of the afternoon, I was feeling a wee bit sorry for myself. My dad sent a lightning bolt down from wherever he is. GO FOR A WALK FER KEE-REIST! Yes. The GG and I went down to Barton Dam and did our urban hike through the meadows along the river. So many beautiful wildflowers (including the wild bee balm in the photo (at least I think that’s what it is)). Hot and humid but I can’t complain much about 85 degrees because 100 is a heckuva lot worse! Thankfully, we are not getting that this summer.

2 Responses to “Beam me west! (Or north!)”

  1. Pooh Says:

    I could not believe I slept that late! That’s what I get for staying up late to finish a book. Love you!

  2. Margaret Says:

    We are getting 94 degrees and I don’t like it!! 10 degrees cooler is our normal hot, so this is unbearable. Going to be a LONG NIGHT.