Looooo-La! (la-LA lah la)

susanLong day down here on The Planet Ann Arbor in Slodge City. My dad sent yet another lightning bolt down today — GET OUT AND WALK! Well, I tried this morning but a heavy rainstorm cut a mile or so off of my 0-skunk-30 walk and two (count ’em) little jaunts over to the Plum Market didn’t provide enough exercise to set my antsy where-do-I-start kind of mood to the right “temperature”, if you will. I fixed that by taking a jaunt down and around Miller Woods. No doubt, I need a LOT of exercise.

In the late afternoon, I noticed that the GG was surfacing out of his afternoon nap (and make no mistake, I love when he takes naps because it gives me space [grin]). I dragged him off the couch and we headed out to Zeeb Road to take a short hike on one of our favorite preserves, the Burns-Stokes. Yikes. We should’ve known it would be a zoo out there — a hot, sunny day on the Huron River. The parking lot was full and people were hauling coolers out to the river. Ai-yi-yi! I have never walked the Burns-Stokes Preserve trails in the summer before. The last time I hiked that preserve, we were the only ones there and we were post-holing through knee-deep snow.

I love that people get out on the river and party. When I was young, I would’ve probably been out there hanging out in the bitsy little tube-friendly rapids, flirting with boyz (yes), getting wet and having a good time in general. Nowadays, when I want to kayak a popular river, I get out there as early as possible. (Well heck, given the right circumstances, I might still want to party out on the river.)

Anyway we were surprised by all of the people in one of our go-to walking places today but we got over there LATE in the day and I couldn’t help but remember another river trip. This one was on the South Branch of the Au Sable River in northern Michigan. The UU and I kayaked while the GG hiked. It was so much fun and we were on and *off* the river before the fun beer crowd arrived.

Here’s my original post about that. Froggy sings Lola… And here’s a Youtube link to the Lola I remember.

2 Responses to “Looooo-La! (la-LA lah la)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Fun beer crowd–I would be part of that! I may kayak up in Alaska–my friend has mentioned it. I will TRY to get a photo of myself in the kayak if we end up doing it. 😉 I would enjoy a nice rainstorm right now. I’m tired of 90 degrees.

  2. Sam Says:

    Bit of a slodgy Sunday for me, too; today’s pretty darned fine (so far!), though….