You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch! Or Mr. Pumpkin. Or whoever you are.

December 1. The beginning of the month that culminates in what a lot of us call Christmas. I was brought up in a Christian religion and celebrated every Christmas throughout my childhood in a church but then decided not to do the same for my children.

I grew up going to a mainstream Methodist church in Sault Ste. Siberia and I have many good memories from there, do not get me wrong. The GG grew up going to church *and* grade school at the Shrine of the Little Flower (Catholic) on Woodward in Royal Oak and he and his brother have been all over inside that church. Every nook and cranny. It is a beautiful church and the GG’s family seems to have accepted me, heathen that I am, married on the beach by a Methodist minister and didn’t take my kids to church. I love my in-laws dearly. Thanks, you guys, for accepting me.

So, kee-reist. It is now December and, when I was a kid, that meant that the town got all decorated up and Christmas songs and carols were played on the local radio station. And we got our Christmas tree and I would hang out by that tree, lying on my back, raising my whole body straight up into the air onto my upper back and shoulders, watching the beautifully colored reflections on the walls and ceiling of the teensy little Superior St. living room. I could not sit still then and it is a challenge for me to sit still now, except when I fall asleep on the couch in front of House re-runs.

’tis the season. What do I want for xmas? Nothing tangible. The thrill of opening packages has been replaced with the fear of leaving a huge hoard of possessions for my children to have to clean up after.

Have a good holiday season. It’s always nice to have a few wrapped packages under the tree but let’s keep it to a minimum. And let’s just spend time together. And try to help out those who are less fortunate. Sorry, I’m being sappy. G’night. KW!

4 Responses to “You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch! Or Mr. Pumpkin. Or whoever you are.”

  1. Maquis Says:

    I don’t want a lot for Christmas
    There is just one thing I need
    I don’t care about the presents
    Underneath the Christmas tree
    I just want you for my own
    More than you could ever know
    Make my wish come true…
    All I want for Christmas is

  2. Paulette Says:

    Thank you, Maquis. That speaks to the heart! Kayakwoman, I am becoming addicted to the blahg! We beach people are a unique bunch!

  3. pooh Says:

    looks like it’s time for consumables. A nice bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream, say. Enjoy the contents throughout the winter, in front of the fire. When it’s finished, put the bottle out with the recyclables.

  4. Dog Mom Says:

    well, not only consumables and recyclables, but recycling in another sense, too… at some point, I’m sure BPG4 will resurrect the “beach wedding” scenario sometime in the next 150 years. There is just something so satisfying about having the entire Beach pull together to make a ceremony work (I’ve heard the stories of the bad weather weddings…)! AND THE BEACH PARTIES/POTLUCKS! I kinda joined the family at the tailend of some of these little traditions, but really enjoyed the sense of community. The “Piedies” seem to be starting up the potlucks again, which is cool!