And on top of everything else, I have my own personal cell-phone spammer ;-) ;-)

Lemme see. This morning, the roads were a bit iffy, so I took the surface streets to work and left plenty early so I could take my time and the Dogha was all warmed up and everything. It wasn’t really that bad but when I got to the curve just before the back entrance to the Tarjay plaza on Oak Valley, the cute little inattentive driver girl in front of me went into a spin and slid into a snowbank. I braked and (hello) it was indeed slippery but the Dogha is a good snow/ice vee-hickle and I’m a Yooper and, together, we were able to stop in time. She was okay but she looked rattled and I bet everybody slowed down a bit after that. I did.

I have been at my work as a full-time non-intern employee for almost a year now and my bank account has finally started to show some of that success. We are no longer living from paycheck to paycheck (knock on wood). Don’t get me wrong, we’ve haven’t ever *really* lived paycheck to paycheck. I’m just talking about operating cash. But life will never let me get ahead and this afternoon on the way home, the Dogha (120K trouble-free miles) was making some strange and ominous little squeaky-type noises (not sure if it sounded like metallic scraping or not, I went back and forth on that) that were coming from the front right and increased rhythmically as the vee-hickle’s speed increased. How much dooya wanna bet that the GG will not be able to hear those noises and will tell his musically trained wife that she’s crazy?

And then Mouse’s cell phone died or whatever and she really needs a cell phone, as she is traveling to San Francisco this week and, yeah, I know, we never had cell phones when we were kids but when is the last time you have encountered a working pay phone? Hmmm? And I’m thinking there may have been way too much parental involvement in that whole thing. Sorry Mouse.

I dunno what else. I do have to give a credit for the ski-woman (or man?) photooooo. I took the photo but it resides on the side of the ski ranch, aka, the Cross Country Ski Headquarters in Roscommon, MI. We have been skiing there forever and they are good people whose kids were in diapers when ours were. And are now in and/or graduated from college with ours. Skoal!!!

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  1. pooh Says:

    Interesting ski poles. Also love that the boots have the same curl at the toes as the skis.