Not a beach day [mostly]

All day I have been thinking of interesting little tidbits of wisdom to write about. Can I remember what any of those are now that I have finally gotten around to writing my blahg? No, I cannot. A day in pitchers photos, then? Okay.

When I was a small child, there used to be an actual fog horn somewhere out there in the channel or thereabouts. I always loved lying in my little bunk bed listening to the fog horn. We don’t have stationary fog horns any more but when freighters are navigating the fog, they blow their horns. That’s what was going on this morning when I walked the beach. I couldn’t even see the island this morning.


What was really cool (and very 21st century) was that I could use Marine Traffic on my iPhone to look up the boats that were in the vicinity. One of those was the Algolake. It was sitting in Whitefish Bay. Hmmmm. So I pulled up face[book] and sure enough, they had posted a video all about sitting around waiting for the fog to clear so they could enter the river and go down through the Soo Locks.

Hmmm, what was next. Oh yeah, last night, I posted a photo on facebook of a whole bunch of hipsters down by the Amethyst Rock. I got a lot of facebook traffic (for meeeee [g]) about that photo. The truth is that I have no idea if that rock really has amethyst in it or not. It is a beautiful rock though and it went missing for the last couple years. Buried in sand. This year it is out in all its glory. Here’s a bit of a close-up.


And then, will we have a blueberry crop this year or not? Mouse is going to come up and wants to pick. I am gonna guess that there are ripe blueberries over by Raco and other places in the interior of the yooperland but I’m not sure. I thought we would have a good crop up on the moominbeach bank this year but not sure. I saw ONE ripe blueberry this morning. By this afternoon, things looked more like the photo below. We may get enough for muffins or pancakes from the front yard here but anything more than that may require an expotition.


It is a stormy day here in the Great Lake State and I was working (I mean doing that gig somebody actually pays me for) this afternoon and I finally got tired of hearing the constant storm warnings coming over NPR since Mrs. Kafooly is driving down to DayTwa today. I sometimes wonder how *I* managed to birth the calm, cool, and collected adult once called Mrs. Kafooly (by her grandma) but I did and I’m sure she will handle whatever comes her way. I will still be happy to hear that she arrived at home safely. (I am also elated that she agreed to take leftovers and a bag of garbage home with her). Anyway, the wind kept shifting all over the place today and so we were sitting down on the bank this afternoon and we were intermittently hot and cold as it shifted and this is probably not the Money Shot because that would be a sunset shot but here it is anyway. So you don’t have to scroll, I’ll say Good Night and love y’all!


2 Responses to “Not a beach day [mostly]”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That rock is beautiful! Blueberries are my favorite normal berries(picked them for years and years) but marionberries are even better, although they’re hard to find. Hope the storms pass and give you some decent weather. We are still sunny and 80 here. 🙂

  2. isa Says:

    Did she ever call the other girls Mrs. Kafooly or was that me-specific? I think it was just me who was Mrs. Kafooly??