Hey Gitchee Gumee, can we talk?

highwaterMy Mouse [and her entire kitchen] arrived this afternoon and after sitting around on the bank (where it is waaaarrrrrm, don’tcha know, because it is not waaarrrm on the beach) for a while, she decided to take a beach walk. But first she needed to change her clothes. I almost *never* try to give the beach urchins advice. What would be the point? They are both very capable of taking care of themselves and they are far more successful in life than I ever was. Nevertheless, I provided some advice. Wear something short because you WILL get wet. How did I know this? Because I wore my loverly long blue skirt on *two* beach walks today and I GOT WET! Why did I not change into a *short* skirt for the second walk? I do not know.

The beach is ever-changing and I have lived long enough now to remember that I have seen the beach like this before. The last time I remember the bank being this washed out was back when I was maybe going into 5th or 6th grade. The parents went off on some bank-type junket somewhere and they left me behind! With Don & Katie! At the beach! How awwwwful [NOT]! It was June and it was c-c-c-cold and I wore my old pink ski jacket (and bare feet) to walk down to Doelle’s and back. I don’t remember the water being quite as high as it is this summer but there had been some kind of washout and I remember walking next to a bank that was almost as tall as me.

It’s okay. The lake changes and as long as the changes are as gradual as this one, we are okay. If it overfills up to the escarpment, we are in trouble. I don’t think my generation or the next few will have to deal with that kind of thing.

There is a FinFam wedding scheduled on the beach this weekend and the beach is filling up with Fin folks. I can hear the teenage triplets playing games behind Don & Katie’s house and I can hear their beautiful outgoing mom laughing and there are dogs barking. This is the kind of stuff I remember going on all summer when I was a beach urchin.


One Response to “Hey Gitchee Gumee, can we talk?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Sounds wonderful! Will Mouse be doing some cooking? I miss Ashley’s dinners for me when she comes to visit.