superiorThat is just about all. I did do laundry this morning and I have to report that the Lockview Laundromat has greatly improved since I last did my laundry there a few years ago. The last couple years, I used The Commander’s washer and dryer but I can’t do that any more. I was annoyed today that the laundromat doesn’t open until 9 AM but I managed that. Then I was annoyed that I had to put 18 quarters into each of my triple-loaders. Maybe annoyed isn’t the correct word here. I long for the day when I can stick my debit card into a washing musheen or dryer to pay for it. Maybe that technology is somewhere these days but it is not at the Lockview yet. But what *is* there are clean, working washing musheens and dryers and a well-stocked change musheen. And wi-fi, although I didn’t really need that since my iPhone connects to the 4G or LTE or whatever.

I walked over to the locks while my stuff was washing and got a pitcher of this model of Lake Superior. It has been around since I was a kid but it won’t probably be around forever so I had to capture it. I wasn’t gone all that long so I was surprised when I got back to the laundromat that the washers were done but that was a good thing!

This afternoon was consumed by a Beach Wedding. My cousin’s Susie’s daughter. I also got married on the beach. That was a long time ago and there were a few folks who were a bit skeptical about people getting married on the beach. Like, isn’t that a hippie kind of thing to do? After all was said and done, the skeptical ones all said it was one of the best weddings they had ever attended. Today’s wedding was all that and so much fun too! I had my first jello shot ever. It was blue.

Also, I am here to tell you that today the GG and I were one of five couples who posed for a photooo of folks who got married on this beach. My cousin Susie was the first, then Pooh, then me, then Jay, and now Susie’s daughter. It was noted that all of the couples who married on the moominbeach are *still* married.

We actually kind of crashed the wedding. We did not have an official invitation but we knew we were welcome and, when it got to be sort of somewhere around wedding time, we ambled down the beach and hung out. That’s how beach weddings work. If you are at the beach when the wedding happens, you are welcome but you do not need to feel obligated to travel to the beach to attend. We didn’t plan our time up here to coincide with this wedding but we were here and boy oh boy did we feel welcome.

There were Porta Potties. They were necessary but I was so glad to be able to walk next door to the moomincabin to use the terlet. And just chill out for a few minutes.

Love y’all,
Kayak Woman

One Response to “Sun-fried”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I think the beach is a good luck charm for marriages! It sounds like a wonderful day, including the trip in to use a REAL toilet. 🙂