No ham hocks here!

miaIt’s getting to be time to try to declutter the moomincabin refrigerator and we had some black beans among other things so I googled black bean soup and picked the first recipe that didn’t require Ham Hocks. No thank you. We are not vegetarians here (steak tonight) but I do not have ham hocks and I do not know where the go-to place for ham hocks is around here in the yooperland. Our version was mostly veggie except for the chicken broth and we used up some leftover rice tooooo. Beans and rice make a complete protein. Yes.

I swam in Gitchee Gumee for the first time this summer. It is August 2nd. That is late for me. For a while I was wondering if I would swim at all. When I was a child, I swam EVERY DAY, not matter how cold it was on the beach or how big the waves were. When I was a young adult, I bathed in the lake every day. I had a procedure and I wore a bathing suit, don’t ask. If there were medium sized or big waves, I would ask The Commander to come down and lifeguard. It’s always a good thing to have someone watch you swim in any lake and my mother would *always* watch me when I asked. That The Comm could not swim only entered the corners of my mind (and probably hers too). But I was always careful about how far I went out into the water.

We had the dog Mia here on the moominbeach today. Mia lives in Detroit where there are probably plenty of smelly things to investigate but the yooperlad is Dog Heaven. We kept her on a leash most of the day but we eventually let her run a bit. That was successful, except for the part where she dug like crazy and threw sand all over the place. The Main Rule of the moominbeach is WE DON’T THROW SAND! Mia threw sand everywhere today. It was okay. She doesn’t know any better and we love her anyway.

One Response to “No ham hocks here!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m sure Mia had lots of fun throwing sand! I hate sand in my clothes, hair, face, etc. so I understand the rule. Bean/rice soup sounds very healthy. I would love it. I’m not a fan of ham anyway.