Boyz just wanna have fun

There is a lot of beer around here this year. The folks next door aka my cuzzints and the folks that threw the big wedding shindig on the beach Friday somehow ended up with one more keg of beer than the wedding guests (including us, although I switched to sangria pretty early) could finish. So they have been pushing pitchers of beer at us for the last couple of days, hoping that they don’t have to return a full keg tomorrow. We have been doing our share to help. So much fun to talk to my cuzzints Sandal and Susal and their husbands. Love them. Most other folks left today and that allowed the GG to sit on the back deck and shoot off his cannons. Why does he have two cannons? Because he asked for one for xmas once and didn’t think that I would buy one for him so he bought his own.


For the most part it was a beach day and here is a pic that I took of one of this summer’s Beach Tables. Back when the pulp mills were still operating, it used to be that more material suitable for beach furniture would wash up on the beach and somewhat elaborate constructions could be cobbled together. Nowadays, a piece of driftwood with artfully arranged rocks will have to do.


People are reading the 1Q84 book this summer. I was reading the 100-year-old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared this summer (on my phone) and I tried to quietly download 1Q84 today but Mouse caught me and asked me what I was reading and I had to tell her. And no, I didn’t download the book because anyone stole it from me. I downloaded it because I like to read books on my phone. Pooh is the only biblio-klept in the family that I know of and she has probably already read that book.

Oh yeah and then there was this morning when I drove up to the park store in washerwoman-type clothes and wouldn’t you know that I ran into someone from high school and he recognized me!

Love y’all and goodnight.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve never heard of that book; my friend in Anchorage recommended an Alaskan mystery writer whose detective is a Native Aleut and I’ve become addicted to that series. I may even sneak onto amazon and download another book by her. (damn 1 click ordering!) I like beer and would be happy to help out, if I were there. 😉