Garbage Processing, then and now

We don’t argue about the garbage, like the loverly and greatly missed octogenarians were doing in the photooo below. Yes, they were arguing, do not ask! I had a whole series of photos about this particular iteration of Garbage Processing. I’ll spare you for now. Kee-reist!


We do not have garbage service up here for the time being. We are not here long enough to hire a garbage service and I will NOT just dump my household garbage in some tourist rest area (I might get arrested!). Last year, The Comm’s house was still available for putting out garbage (and doing laundry) but not any more, so I have been relying on my kids to haul garbage home for me. All I have to say about that is thank you thank you thank you. Both of my [adult] children left today and each of them readily agreed to take a huge bag of garbage home with them. THANK YOU! Of course, weeeee will also be hauling garbage home next weekend but not sure that we could haul two weeks of garbage even with two vee-hickles, especially since we will be hauling a big Annie Hubbard painting to Ann Arbor to pass off to Salwa, plus all the usual stuff.

We are going to miss Mia-pet, who returned to Detroit to her owner with Lizard Breath today. What a wonderful Beach Dog! Liz asked if she could bring a friend’s dog up here and my initial reaction was hmmm… But I had met her before and dogs love this beach and so I said something like, sure! What a good beach dog. Only a year old but well trained already. After a day of trying to leash her, we figured out that she was well-behaved enough that we could take off the leash. Pheww! Here she is in the Lyme Lounge last night. There were also eight people out there…


So people left today and the GG took a long nap and the sun finally warmed up the bank, so I sat with npJane most of the afternoon, reading and sometimes talking. Dinner was ready at the Old Cabin and the GG appeared, so we had a Franhattan. How do you like my table?


3 Responses to “Garbage Processing, then and now”

  1. isa Says:

    Mia is standing by the window waiting for her owner to come and pick her up. Her furry coat feels nice and clean from swimming in Lake Superior. She stretched out in the back seat on her blankets and slept most of the way home.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    I know that Mia has a wonderful life down in Detroit but I bet she is missing the beach 🙂

  3. Margaret Says:

    Good doggie!! They do love the beach and the freedom. Sounds like you do as well. 😉 What is a Franhattan?