laundryFirst of all, KW is annoyed at *herself*! Why? Because she got up a half hour (or there-abouts) late and therefore didn’t get to the Lockview Laundromat EXACTLY at 9 AM, when it opens. When she did get there (maybe 9:10?), there were something like FIVE vee-hickles there already. KW panicked for a moment but fortunately, her CORNER of the laundromat — the one with the triple-loaders — was not yet populated. Whew. But then. She was annoyed by the people *in* the laundromat. She didn’t really want to talk to anyone this morning. She didn’t want to talk to the folks that are ekscaping (yes) Fla, TX, AZ, you name it, for the summer. She didn’t want to talk to the woman who didn’t seem to be able to articulate words. She CERTAINLY didn’t want to talk to the young man who asked her if she had a *light*. Say what!?! Do I look like a smoker? I do not know whether or not I *look* like a smoker but I definitely *sound* like a smoker this week. Hack hack cough cough. Sigh… And I do NOT have anything against people who smoke. All of these people were perfectly nice people and I’m gonna guess that the inarticulate woman has prob’ly had a stroke or something. And the laundromat is loverly under the management of a friendly and energetic young man who keeps the water and the dryers hot and is johnny-on-the-spot when a washer starts leaking.

Okay, then there was Glen’s. First, the bottle return. I had ONE plastic bottle, a few cans, and seven glass beer bottles. The cans and plastic were easy peasy (is that really a word?). Glass? Only one musheen and it was occupied by a guy with a whole grokkery cart full. All right, I’ll take my glass bottles to the service desk. No one was there. I stood there for five minutes 60 seconds and no one noticed me. I fled, picked up the FOUR items on my list and checked out. Later, long after I got back to the moomincabin, my brain finally got out of the box. Why did I not just give my *seven* glass bottles to the guy ahead of me? My main objective here is to get rid of bottles, not to collect 70 cents. Note to self. I will be sad when Glen’s succumbs to Meijer when it moves in. I think Glen’s is already suffering since Woldemort hopped across Old US-2 and turned into Super Woldemort. I don’t patronize Woldemort (except sometimes at Houghton Lake) but I *will* patronize Meijer.

I was annoyed by beach company (or lack thereof) today. The GG has different prodjects whenever he is here and this year, one of his prodjects seems to be walking up and down the beach with a plastic bag collecting garbage. I do not know why this annoys me. It shouldn’t. It is a good thing. Maybe I’m remembering when I was a kid and all sorts of garbage floated up on the beach. Onion bags, grapefruit rinds, dead dogs (once), all forms and colors of styrofoam (which we used in various beach construction prodjects). So, at the end of the day, the GG joined me up on the bank (northwest wind today) and I took off for a walk and was then annoyed when I got back and he wasn’t there.

Last of all, KW remains annoyed at herself for not seizing the day properly. I have a frickin’ cold but I am not *sick* with that cold, just coughing sneezing and blowig by dose and I couldda done better. Tomorrow is another day, roight?

P.S. The photo is old and I am so missing having these beach urchins help with laundry. We had so much fun! Were donuts involved?

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Sometimes things and people just get on one’s nerves. I KNOW!! I have been testy all week. I threatened to bite my mom’s head off if she made ONE more suggestion of what I needed to get rid of out of my closet, as Dad and I were busy trying to schlepp furniture around. I’ve been stressed about Ashley in Africa and Alison leaving sometime unknown for Korea. I think that, plus the bedroom remodel, has put me over the edge.