Beach day

beachdayI was absolutely torn today. Do I head over to the Two-Hearted River to camp with the GG and hike along Gitchee Gumee with the North Country Trail folks? Or do I hang out here at the moomincabin all aloooooone? If I had one more week to spend here, the decision would have been easy and I’d’ve been on the road. But I do not have another week. The Yooperland is kicking me out on Sunday, back down to the Planet Ann Arbor and Cubeland. I’m not sure if we’ll get back up here again until Mother Nature decides it’s time to close the place down before the arrival of Old Man Winter. I needed to be here.

Guess what? It was a Beach Day! Hotter than Hades down there all afternoon. So hot that I eventually wandered out into the biggest air-conditioner in the world to cool off a bit. I didn’t expose a lot of skin to Mr. Golden Sun but somehow, I am still feeling a bit burnt. By the way, I took today’s pitcher this morning. There’s the John B. Aird, Round Guano Island, and the American Century. I took another photooo in the late afternoon and the light was just about the same as this morning. A little more golden now that the sun is setting but still similar.

Did I get anything constructive done today? No, I did not. I could blame my cold virus but that wasn’t really it. Heat and I was READING A BOOK! Yes, I am engrossed in the book 1Q84. It’s one of those books where I actually *care* about the characters (unlike the traveling funeral book [wink]). Reading was actually one of my goals for this summer. Oh, not that I ever have goals, exactly. My goals are simple. Let’s just get through this day without some kind of ridiculous disaster or conflict with somebody or whatever. But I am engrossed in a book and for a person like me who has had a difficult time focusing on anything but work over the last few years, that is a good thing! I think it’s okay that I’m reading it on my phone, don’t you? (heehee)

KW alone? Let’s invite her for dinner! I am blessed! My Dear Uncle Harry was the first to ask! I knew (since Bugs and Horsey are between guests) that he would be on a Mother’s March on Leftovers crusade and so he was. Been there, done that and always glad to help with leftover eradication efforts! He is so much more creative about using up leftovers than yer fav-o-rite blahgger. Ham and shrimp curry with brownies for dessert. So good. I had another loverly invitation to become porterized for dinner but I was already included in the seating at the Old Cabin. It’s okay. We porterized the Lyme Lounge last night and I’ll get porterized again soon enough down at the Oscar Tango.

With luck it’ll be a while until Old Man Winter makes his appearance but there are always Canadian cold fronts moving in if you live anywhere near the Great Lake State. Speaking of Canadian cold fronts moving in this song (Youtube link) was just on the radio. I’m not sure why I never knew this but it seems like The Band originally did this? Why the heck did I not know this?

Some bad shit went down today too but, as it happened moiles from me, I tried my best to ignore it. Just for today. Note to the MDEQ: bulldozers do not belong anywhere near wetlands. That is all.

Except I love you all. I mean that.

3 Responses to “Beach day”

  1. Sam Says:

    Love you back from the shores of another north lake lacking a fancy name like Gitchee Gumee….

  2. Margaret Says:

    Bad shit? I don’t like the sound of that. I’m going to have to check out that book. I have a couple of books to read but neither is catching my interest right now.

  3. l4827 Says:

    We had a great time in the line lounge. We looked a little green next morning, but was not from lime disease. It was a great day!