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feathersIs it okay if I get to be friends with other Finnelsons on facebook? Actually, we are not “Finnelsons” at all. That’s just how some of the less literate folks in Sault Ste. Siberia pronounced my surname when I was a child. IT DROVE THE COMMANDER NUTS!!!! Not so much me. I sorta got the whole thing and was just trying to fit in with the kids in my neighborhood, some of whom were more intelligent than others and/or had better training in grammar. Like everywhere else on earth. Except maybe for the Planet Ann Arbor where everybody seems to be super-smart (or not) but I love that place anyway. And that’s a good thing, since I am headed down there tomorrow.

So, as of this afternoon, I am now Facebook friends with two Finnelsons that, as far as I know, are not directly related to me. I am not sure that they are related to each other either, since one of them seems to live in the USA and the other in Canananada. My Finnelson grandparents were born in Ontario but via a very long story, they ended up in Sault Ste. Siberia, Michigan, where I grew up. I am kind of loving meeting up with other Finnelsons on facebook. I don’t know if any of us are related. If we are, it might be something like 6th cuzzint 4 times removed. But that’s okay. As long as they don’t want to host a huge family reunion here at the moominbeach.

I also swam twice this afternoon. It was another hot day and I hung out watching boats come down outta Gitchee Gumee for hours. Baby Blue aka the Ken Booth will be up later tonight.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Is it a common name? If so, you’re probably not related. There are thousands of Grieves in Scotland and many in England, but it’s a fairly rare name here. I’m always surprised to see it.