buoy23This photooo was taken back on Memorial Day weekend. There were still piles of dirty old snow in the yooperland on Memorial Day weekend. Everything was late this year and so there were almost leaves on the deciduous trees and bushes at the moombeach on Memorial Day weekend this year. We had so much fun *anyway*. The Twinz of Terror and I took the Motor Bote out into the channel. It was so much fun. The promise of a whole summer was ahead of us.

I managed to tweak two whole weeks to be at the moominbeach but I am home and crash-landed on The Planet Ann Arbor today. I walked to the Plum Market this afternoon and I didn’t cry, although I have been known to do that before. Congestion? Oh man, we only hit a couple of slowdowns on the I75 SUV Speedway today. We were driving in tandem, the GG in the Frog Hopper and me in the Ninja. I cannot do phone things when I am driving the Ninja. It is a loverly 6-speed manual. I called the GG a couple of times to say that he was going faster than I wanted to travel (77 mph, say what?) Alas, I did a couple accidental calls while trying to tell the GG to SLOW DOWN!

Congestion? I have a bad cold and so I didn’t hug the relatives we said goodbye to this morning. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love them. Because I so much do. And somehow, driving downstate in the Ninja, I didn’t feel all that conjested. Except for traffic but that’s a different kind of congestion. Missing the yooperland bigtime but loving being back on the Green Planet Ann Arbor again.

Good night and love y’all, Kayak Woman

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One Response to “Congestion”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Take care of that cold! Traffic congestion is terrible around here. Alison frequently calls me to ask if there’s an accident on the freeway when she’s driving down, but it’s NORMAL TRAFFIC. Ugh.