Don’t bother reading this, just look at the bunchberries

I mean, can I just rewind this whole week? I have not been a happy camper. I have grumped and growled and screamed and cried and sent an angry text message or two. I did not do any of this at work but I *did* get extremely annoyed at a co-worker today. Why? I do not know. She did a *good* thing! But it required meeeeeee to be temporarily inconvenienced — in a MINOR way. I got ahold of myself right quick (for about the 10th time this week minus a few times when I didn’t) and, telling myself “Count to 10, KW” as I walked out of the building, TOOK A WALK! When I came back, I was okay. Note to self…


I have blown up at various people throughout my life. Almost *always* close family members. I don’t know how else to say it except that I have thunderstorms sometimes. They aren’t any fun for anyone (including meeeee, believe me!) but they do blow through and I am okay again. I think things through and figure out how I will handle that conflict the next time it occurs but sometimes I get blindsided by something I can’t immediately think through. Kind of like play productions in a way but since plays only [arguably] imitate life, it is [sometimes] *fun* to handle the problem or solve the conflict or whatever. Not always so much in real life.


ONCE in my life I got angry enough on the job to yell at someone and storm out (I did NOT yell at anyone today). It was during my childhood IT career over at That Darn EPA and after I stormed out, I drove all the way home! I remember the person who set me off but, for the life of me, I can’t remember what he said or did that made me so angry. We were friends so much of the time. Fortunately, I didn’t do anything too stoopid and my good old boss Byron did not faaaar me (or even talk to me about it, the other guy was truly out of line). Nevertheless, I learned from that experience (and many others) that you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. I went on to be a well-respected SME at that job and was treated very well.


I am happily recovering from the not-Ebola virus. I [vigorously] went through my usual morning skunk walk today and was butt-in-seat at work around the usual time that I wander in to work. When the Queen Bee came in she said, “You look so much better today. You were so pale on Monday.” Yes. The GG is a bit behind me in his recovery but this is not Ebola and we will all survive.

I cannot rewind the week but I hope tomorrow is a better day.

One Response to “Don’t bother reading this, just look at the bunchberries”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Give yourself a pass for feeling crappy, which makes your nerves on edge too. The physical is definitely tied to the emotional! Sounds like you have positive strategies in place–too bad they don’t always work. Such is life.