knightsA few years ago, we were at our fave neighborhood pub / steakhouse and the GG spied my MacMu cuzzint Salwa. I didn’t see her so I was thinking something like, “Say what?” Salwa and D live 20 minutes to the east by freeway. But in addition to being a popular neighborhood steakhouse / pub, Knight’s is also a destination spot and a subsequent conversation with Salwa indicated that we had very likely spotted her there.

After all these years, tonight, drum roll…, we met up with Salwa and D (and our own lovely Lizard Breath) at Knight’s tonight. Oh my gosh, so much fun! Salwa and I gabbled and gabbled about our lives and family stuff from back when we were kids all the way up until now. The GG and D were gabbling on and on about the R word, that is, when D wasn’t gabbling with people that he knows from previous visits to Knight’s or wherever. I hope Lizard Breath had fun. I think she did. She can certainly hold her own in terms of conversation but I was so busy gabbling away with Salwa that I’m not sure. But maybe she was just sitting there listening to all of us and grinning to herself about all of our silliness.

The occasion for us to finally meet here in southeast Michigan (for something other than a dern funeral) is the delivery of a painting that Salwa bought when she visited us up in Sault Ste. Siberia a few weeks ago. An Anny Hubbard, one of my all-time fave artists, an indescribable Native American artist that The Commander and Radical Betty knew. Can I just say that she is sparkly? Anyway, the painting was too big for Salwa’s vee-hickle, especially with three other people and all of their luggage, so we offered to schlep it down for her. The idea was that we would meet at Knight’s to hand it off. And so we did.

We had so much fun! I hope we do this again soon and often. I know that not everyone knows all of their cousins (or even have any). I am glad that I grew up knowing all of my cousins in both families. Not only are they some of the best friends I will ever have, we have some shared memories that most of my other friends could never understand.

I’m about done. Lizard Breath is spending the night and she and the GG are figuring out via Spotify what kind of music yer fav-o-rite blahgger likes. A former aspiring classical flute virtuoso who also loved rock and roll from the top 40 to esoteric stuff. And then there’s Celtic fusion. Throw a little Iris Dement[ed] and some jazz into the mix (and a couple toads and bats and things) and you’ve about got it.

Love y’all and here’s to cousins especially. I love mine so much!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I have another blog friend who loves Iris Dement, although her music chases her husband right out of the house. I love Celtic music and bluegrass, but I’m mostly a rock person and classic rock. I adore classical too, but it has to be the right composers and instruments. Sounds like a great time!