Zoom Schwartz Profigliano (but mostly Zoom (KNOCK ON WOOD))

goosexstitchNote to self. Next time you take a whole (sorta) 2-week vacay, do NOT try to hit the ground running when you get back, exspecially [grin] if you are sick! All week I have been beating myself up about not running around being nuclear powered like a chicken with its head cut off. Chores and errands and work. I can do it all, roight? NOOOOOOO. You were SICK, KW! No passing it off as, “It’s just a cold”, even though it was. With cold viruses, your mileage may vary.

I am still coughing a bit but I was pretty much back to normal today, beginning with an early morning hike down to the farmer’s market, which is in high season at this time of the summer! Sweet corn? Yes. Except that I already got mine from Farmer John at work. It’s okay. I got plenty of other stuff, including kimchee, but not pasties. The pasty guys weren’t there today.

Back to flinging? I hesitate to write about that on-line, fearing I might jinx myself. I’ve been struggling for many moons now about how to sort out all of the random stuff that’s been left in this house by my earlier collecting habits, my mother’s death and my children’s exodus. I certainly helped my kids collect things but I think we’re all over that now, although I don’t dump their stuff without permission. Today I consigned a few items of mine to various donation destination boxes and trashed some things that were truly trash. Mostly I chipped away on getting Things That Are Like Other Things TOGETHER! So ZOOM! But also, KNOCK ON WOOD!

Zoom Schwartz Profigliano? Ever play it? It’s a drinking game. I played it one night back in the day with The Engineer and our friends, [the now] Doc W., Joel, and I cannot remember the 4th person but I bet it was Kev. We didn’t play it as a drinking game (like these people are) although we did drink that night. We had been at the Alpha Bar and I remember us driving over the Ashmun Street bridge (I think my bro’ was driving his VW bug that night) and we were doing something totally geeky by assigning each person a number, so it was Zoom 1, Schwartz 3, and Profigliano 4 or whatever. Look up the rules if you want. I did and I don’t totally recognize them. The rules probably vary, like cold viruses.

P.S. Doc W.? He is a Music Doc. Expert percussionist waaaayyy back in high school and also at MooU (I was there when he was). Unlike yer fav-o-rite blahgger, he went on into a music career, became a conductor and, from what I see on facebook (because we are friends), he is beloved by all of his students and a whole bunch of other folks in and out of the music world.

One Response to “Zoom Schwartz Profigliano (but mostly Zoom (KNOCK ON WOOD))”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve never heard of that game! When you mentioned your stuff and your kids, I flinched. I’ve picked up a WHOLE BUNCH of Alison’s “goodies” including her cat. I still haven’t gotten rid of a lot of Patt’s things, although I have done a lot with them. It’s a constant struggle to figure out what means something to me and what doesn’t. I thought I would throw his chemo clothes into the trash the first chance I got and haven’t been able to do that yet, although I had few issues selling his tools. Very weird. Take care of that cold or it will continue to make you miserable. xoxo