A museum of Passeriformes Bombycillidae Bombycilla cedrorum

rainOr is it an ear-full?

Good morning Ann Arbor. What a good walk I had this morning! Rained like cats and dogs most of the entire loop. Came home, washed my feet (and my shoes), put a dry tie-dyed t-shirt on and left my umbrella on the porch fully opened to dry out. What was good about it? It was warm and there was NO LIGHTNING! I walk in rain but I do not do lightning.

Alas, the rain slowed waaaayyy down after I took this photo, so the people of The Planet Ann Arbor could not take to the streets in their kayaks.

You do not want to know about my boring day of chores, errands, and flinging / reorganizing. My eyes were normal (aka not itching, watering, crusting, reddish) today for the first time in a week. The GG is a few days behind me so he had a rather slow day (which is OKAY!). Eventually, we went out for a hike. I whined at first about where he wanted to hike. I really wanted to be in the woods and his hike would take us through the nearby village of Dexter. I got a grip and decided to go with the flow and boy oh boy was I glad I did that. Why?

First, we discovered that the Border-to-Border Trail has now been completed from Dexter to Hudson Mills Metropark. That introduces the possibility of us doing a death biathlon trip, dropping off kayaks in one metropark, driving down to another one, walking up to the drop-off park, then kayaking back down to the Frog Hopper. To me, the issue here is how to secure the kayaks…

We also discovered the Beer Grotto in Dexter. If I get it right, the grotto serves about a billion beers and wines curated from various craft outfits, mostly here in the Great Lake State.

Seemed like the perfect place to have a beer or whine after a hike. Alas, I didn’t link to the place because although I LOVED it, I can’t quiiiite recommend it. The people were wonderful but they were very overwhelmed and therefore very slow and the whine servings were extremely small. I could only order whine by one or two ounces (!) or by the litre or whatever. So I got a HUGE glass with a teensy tinesy wee little bit of whine in the bottom of it. What I wanted was a half-glass of whine to snuggle up to in the mid-afternoon before we walked the 1.5 miles or whatever it was back to our vee-hickle in the Dexter-Huron Metropark. I’d’ve probably gotten closer to that good old post-hike comfort whine over at our old fave Dexter’s Pub. It wouldn’t have been fancy whine but I wouldn’t have cared. Actually, I wasn’t even planning on whine this afternoon. I was thinking “woods”. No whine in the woods.

Nevertheless, I think the Beer Grotto is great and I want it to succeed.

2 Responses to “A museum of Passeriformes Bombycillidae Bombycilla cedrorum”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Too bad about the Beer Grotto–sounds like my kind of place. I’m used to that kind of weather; it doesn’t worry us, does it? When people ask if I go running in the rain, I JUST LAUGH. If I let weather hold me back, I would exercise rarely. 🙂

  2. jane Says:

    also relatively new to Dexter is Red Brick. next to the Dexter Bakery or approximately. they have a nice deck out back as well. yummy food and of course drinks. 😉