Smells like something died in here!

chokecherriesIt isn’t the garbage! There’s NOTHING in the garbage. Okay, one used Kleenex. My snot does not smell like something dead. I can only guess that some specimen of Mus musculus got stuck somewhere and couldn’t get out. I suppose I will have to wait this out. It’s one of those things where you get used to it after a while. Kind of like living next to a farm, maybe? The Commander never got tired of telling people (including meeee) about the time they took me to a sheep farm when I was a very small child. Of *course* I wrinkled up my nose. What were you thinking?

At least I got IN the door this afternoon. Via the Disco Lock, that is. It has been intermittently ignoring me (and sometimes the GG but mostly meeeee) for a week now. He put a new battery in it yesterday and it seemed to be working better. Until this morning when it wouldn’t talk to me at all… I went out to the app to try [again] to figger out what was going on. I was not logged in. How did I get logged out? I do not know. Maybe changing the battery triggered it. I do not know. Don’t ask. YOU do not want to know. It works now. I got in this afternoon without a problem. Knock on wood.

From the “does anyone else ever do that?” category: National Petroleum Radio was talking tonight about folding atoms. Not atoms exactly, thin sheets of something. The idea is to create wearable computers and I do not mean watches or Google Glass. I’m talking about shirts and jackets, etc. I lost track though because it took me right back to when I was a very small child and used to sit around and ruminate about how many times I could fold a piece of paper in half until it was impossible to fold it any more. I suspect these thoughts came from my own experiments in actually *folding* pieces of paper. Possibly origami, which was one of my consuming passions as a child. Sitting in my bedroom in our shabby little bungalow down on Superior Street reading, drawing, counting and organizing various items of cosmic debris into notebook paper data bases, folding, thinking. Folding to infinity. Calculus.

I am not looking forward to wearable computers in the kind of form factor they were talking about on NPR tonight but I guess I’ll talk about that some other time. I’m not quite ready tonight.

One Response to “Smells like something died in here!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    No way–I’m too rough on my clothes. NO wearable computer for me. Yuck on the smell. My new cat guest has been responsible for atrocious odors; she doesn’t like to cover up her feces. Is she trying to punish me?