Just in time

reflectionsMade it home and *inside* with all of my work stuff and the mail and the tomatoes I bought from Farmer John today and oh heck, I even did a couple small chores. And then the clouds burst. Driving home, it looked really threatening and I had to quell a wee bit of panic when I was stuck on top of an overpass s-i-t-t-i-n-g behind a long line of traffic waiting for something like four traffic light cycles.

Hey, they are talking about K College on NPR tonight. Actually, it’s one of those pre-college news stories about how to prepare your kid for college. Sex, in this case. Unless K College has changed its schedule from terms to semesters, those parents will not be dropping their daughter off until mid-September or so. I know because both of my beach urchins graduated from K.

Was I nervous about dropping off my first child at college? Of course I was. I wasn’t nervous about sex. Fer kee-reist! It was a more generalized worry. My worries were unfounded because Lizard Breath and then Mouse both thrived at K college.

I remember when we drove home after dropping Lizard off at K. I was still working for YAG and had auditions to manage, so I made a ‘hattan for the GG and delivered it to him in his baby’s bedroom, and then I took off.

Dropping Mouse off? I was in an advanced class at WCC. It was group work and I had told the teacher that I would be the project manager for our group but that I had to miss part of the first group meeting because I was dropping my kid off at college and there was this whole convocation where folks walked down the green in their academic regalia, blah-de-blah.

That was okay but… I returned to chaos within our group — with my future friend S freaking out in the hallway with the teacher. I walked out of the stairwell and reiterated that I intended to handle project management. Everyone settled down immediately. I became better friends with S. Her daughter eventually went to K, of all things. She was a high school senior at that time and K was one of her top picks.

I miss driving over to Kalamazoo. Maybe we can still drive over there and meet up with our niece 1st-cuzzint-once-removed who will be a freshman at Western Michigan U this fall. Right next door to K!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I remember the trips to college getting the girls settled-every year, and with Ashley 4 different universities, two of them in other states. I don’t miss those days much.