I take it all back!

mousegardenOkay, not all of it. But I was rolling on the floor laughing as I watched the lake freighter Algolake crew do the ALS ice bucket challenge this afternoon. Pauline in a shower cap and all the guys. Here’s a link but it’s on facebook so I apologize to those who can’t view it. I will stop kvetching about the ice bucket challenge now. Chill out, KW.

What else? Just a reglear day over at the Cube Farm today. Working on a quick little prodject that I could do standing on my head with my hands tied behind my back. It’s okay. Not very interesting but it’s on the roadmap so the challenge will be to see how fast I can knock it out. Plus, I am knocking on wood bigtime because the smallest of prodjects have a way of ballooning in some weird way. But I’m accustomed to that after all these years.

Severe storms in the late afternoon hosed traffic throughout town. By the time I got off work, the storms were moving on but the traffic wasn’t and I traversed all manner of “back” roads trying to get home. Guess what? Everyone else had the same idea as I did. Makes you wonder what would happen in a true disaster. This was just an average-sized thunderstorm, no tornadoes or bow echoes or anything. Still, it took me forever to get home and put the kibosh on a tentatively planned walk to the Plum Market to stock up on stuff for the upcoming weekend in the yooperland.

When I got home, it smelled (again) like something had died but this time, I quickly ascertained that it was something in the garbage. That improved my mood a bit and then I saw that Mouse had left me some little gifts from her garden (in the crappy photooo). That improved my mood exponentially.

And there’s Sam’s high-pitched voice outside (my childhood dog Tigger would probably not have liked Sam). He’s riding scooters and bikes around and I love that there are kids in the neighborhood having fun but it is a bit nerve-racking when he is looping around (sometimes up my driveway) when I am backing out the Ninja to go to work in the morning.

Good night,
Kayak Woman

One Response to “I take it all back!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m still tired of the ice bucket challenge which has definitely turned into a facebook gimmick. It’s raised a lot of money for ALS, but there are many other worthy causes that kill many more people. (5600 to 150,000 per year –ALS versus lung cancer, even with the smokers/former smokers taken out, it’s still 23,000+ per year) So, I will donate to a cancer charity first.