This is not a polly-tickal post

succulentIt’s a systems analyst post. As in, gather the facts and data and make your own analysis.

I get really annoyed by a lot of what people post on facebook. Caterwauling about Robin Williams’s death — unless you KNEW him — is about *you*, not about Robin Williams or even suicide. I was over the whole ice bucket thing almost before it started. I know it is for an excellent cause but, oh no, another meme and this one actually wants me to watch videos. Ho-hum. Clicking share on everything that moves (or doesn’t move)? Why? Most of us have seen it all something like five times and some folks would be amazed at who else has shared their article because it isn’t always who they might think it is (tee-hee). Quizzes? A bit of a guilty pleasure on a slow day. I know from quizzes throughout the years that “my” instrument is the clarinet (oh, so not), that my fave color is teal (true-ish, although I like *all* colors), that I would completely survive the Zombie Apocalypse (I think it’s because I told the quiz I take two showers a day), and most recently that the actress I am most like is Meryl Streep, which is very flattering because I am a fan, although I have no interest in drinking her bath water (or anyone else’s). But SHEESH! Hey, baggy old kayak woman here.

I value all of my [sorta] carefully curated group of facebook friends, even when our polly-ticks don’t exactly match up. If they want to call Obama “Obummer”, I try to just ignore it. I am not enamored of either side of our two-party system at the moment but the man does have a name and the American people elected him. Alas, I’m pretty sure that if Mitt had been elected, I would’ve had to sit on my hands to not call him something derogatory. Mittens? RMoney? Whatever…

When we start counting up vacation days? What the heck? Who took more vacay days, Obummer or Dubya? And how do you *define* vacation days for the president of the United Snakes of America anyway? Do you think that the president actually just bugs out and doesn’t answer the phone for the duration? Really? No matter what his polly-tickal persuasion (or ahem “racial makeup”), I doubt it.

So now we’re counting up vacation days and people are sharing and re-posting a whole bunch of sh*t about how many days Obummer is taking off. Here’s what PolitiFact has to say about that. If you decide to click over, you can draw your own conclusions. Mine is that the job of President of the United Snakes is one of the most difficult jobs on earth. The president, no matter what his polly-tickal persuasion, deserves some time off to recharge so that he/she can deal with the next crisis. And that, any time that president is on that blasted golf course, he/she could have to cut the game short due to a phone call. This doesn’t change no matter what party the President of the United States is affiliated with.

I don’t play golf. I have never played golf. Every five years or so, the GG tells me that he thinks I would like golf. I don’t think so. I like to walk but I like to walk on the beach or in the woods. I don’t like games with balls. So I don’t understand the whole damn thing about golfing. But that’s me.

Sorry, it seems that I am a bit snarky tonight. Love y’all anyway. –KW

2 Responses to “This is not a polly-tickal post”

  1. Sam Says:

    The turn of phrase of the son of friends, way back when he was learning his vocab, termed that place you play the game a golf field. I still like that….

  2. Margaret Says:

    I agree 100%. I never called Bush a bad name, although others did and got called out on it because the office of the President deserved respect. Now that Obama is in office, they seem to have forgotten their ethics. Such a huge double standard! (one of my pet peeves) I had read before that W took a lot more vacation days than any president, but it won’t stop people from justifying their criticisms. I disagree with GG; you wouldn’t like golf. I hated it, but I did enjoy walking around the course with my husband on a beautiful day. Golf courses are pretty and it was great exercise. 🙂