Winkers and Green Drinkles

It is officially a Rainy Weekend but it is also a pretty calm weekend although, hmmm, how can I ‘splain this? There was a *lot* of seiche-like behavior here on the Shores of Gitchee Gumee today (water levels going up and down). Mostly I think this was related to storms elsewhere, like the tornado warnings down there in the northern lower.

Anyway, the GG dragged me out for a ride in the Motor Bote this morning. He asked me where I wanted to go and I told him that I wanted to putt-putt slowly up and down the shore. We did that and it was very calm and I was happy (except when the propeller scraped a rock!) and here is the Birch Point Range light. We went past this thing on up to the Land of Porterization and after a bunch of loop-de-loops in front of Porterland, we headed back. Rain was scheduled in 20 minutes.


After that, we headed out to Guano Round Island and I panicked just a wee bit. We had an offshore breeze today — a light breeze — and there was just a wee bit of chop out there. It was okay. But I have been haunted by a water incident that occurred earlier this summer that required an ambulance. It ended as well as something like that does (no one died, thank you god or whoever) but we have never had something like this happen before on our beach and it has served as a reminder of how carefully we all need to observe the rules of boating safety because these folks were experienced boaters but a bunch of small things went wrong and it only takes an instant. So I have been nervous and I’m thinking I should replace some of our ancient life jackets but today? We were okay and here we are down at the Doelle end of the beach in the Motor Bote.


After this, we took a little Frog Hopper ride down south to the Dafter area. Growing up, I had some relatives who had a farm somewhere down there. I wish I could remember the name of the road they were on but I can’t and I don’t remember being anywhere near that place more than once or twice. I didn’t see anything that I recognized today but we did see wild turkeys and gazillions of sandhill cranes. The lazy photo below is from the Forrest Side Road between M28 and Dafter Road. One of my fave roads but the photo doesn’t capture the beauty of this eastern yooperland field adequately.


After a scrabbled-together foraging-leftover-type lunch back at the moomincabin, I came back from a beach walk to a guy with a beer. A very special beer for us to split.


The plan was to sit on the beach to drink the beer but just enough rain began to fall that we decamped up to the deck.


I think both of us felt like sitting on the deck drinking beer for the whole afternoon but we came to our senses. The GG took the Motor Bote out to meet I fergit what lake freighter was coming down and I prepped dinner. He took a nap and I walked the beach which resulted in hanging out with my cuzzint The Beautiful Jan and a friend of hers in the Bug House. I needed that!

2 Responses to “Winkers and Green Drinkles”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What is that yummy looking beer? I love boat rides, especially the calm kind. Patt adored boats and we had one for many years. It often didn’t run super well, but that just kept the “mechanics” busy and saved the rest of us from excessive speed on the water. 🙂

  2. l4827 Says:

    Nice to see you tonight even though we missed you in the morning. The local libations were fun, but not as much as the foggy horns.