beachOne of my oldest friends (H) tagged me on the Facebook “grateful” meme. Our mothers were friends waaaayyy before we were born and I believe that when H was a baby, she stayed at my house for a couple weeks or whatever. I don’t remember that (I was less than a year old and she is five months younger than me) and I don’t remember why she stayed there. That’s how far we go back.

I have lots of memories of playing with H at her house, which was a couple blocks from my grandma Margaret’s house, meaning I could *walk* there from my house, since I could walk to my grandma Margaret’s house. On the days that I stayed at my grandma’s house when the ‘rents were at bank meetings in Daytwa, etc., H and I would walk to Lincoln School together. My house was right across the street from Stinkin’ Lincoln so when I was home, I would just Red Queen over there, hoping that The Commander didn’t see that I had stashed my rubbers under the front porch.

H’s mom did not drive when we were kids. She grew up on the east coast in a city where automotive vee-hickles were not needed. The Commander, who grew up on a farm outside of Daytwa learned how to drive in a field when she was something like 12. We drove me and H and her mom and sometimes her sister all over the place (including our beloved Textile Shop in Canananada) all the time. The Commander never minded. She loved those trips with her friend and us kids. Like me, The Comm liked to drive. H’s mom eventually learned to drive!

When The Commander and I had to make the excruciatingly difficult decision to move her into assisted living, one of the reasons we chose Freighter View was because H’s mom was there. Mom never really adjusted to living there, although in her last months, she appreciated the fact that if she had not been there, she would be dead. H’s mom lived on a couple more years than The Comm and died in her sleep last fall.

H and I tried to stay in touch for a while when our kids were young but life gets complicated and then the whole time our mothers were in the same assisted living facility (I hate that word but), we never ran into each other. And then. Soo High class of 1972! Our lovely friend and classmate The Beautiful Mimi arranged an, ulp, 60th birthday party for all of us. On the Valley Camp lake freighter museum, of all places. H and I reconnected there. She is beautiful and wonderful and very sweet and I still love her.

I’m in a quandary. I think I might do the meme but I will have to do it in a KW kind of way.

But today, here is what I am grateful for (these are not in any order): 1) my coffee buddies (yes, it’s budd*ies* now that Sari has quit her job) 2) my job and co-workers, all of whom treat other human beings with some modicum of respect even on the rare bad day 3) my family(ies), Fin, Cfam, Mac, etc., I think I only needed to name three things but reconnecting with H is one of the things I am grateful for so I guess that’s number 4.

Love y’all,

P.S. Last but not least! My BFF Sam, who is scheduled to arrive here tomorrow for dinner! Man, how could I fergit my Sam? And, oh man, my blahg friends! How did I fergit them? Kee-reist!

Tagging everyone!

3 Responses to “Grateful”

  1. Sam Says:

    Counting the minutes! (I exaggerate!)

  2. Margaret Says:

    So important to remember what we’re grateful for. I’m not very good at it sometimes, but I always know it in my heart and head. I just don’t tend to verbalize it. I also love my colleagues, my coffee buddies, my friends, some of my family, my blog buddies. I’m also grateful for books because they are my escape.

  3. Pooh Says:

    I am grateful that when my bike’s shifters stopped working, I was in my easiest gear, not my hardest! I’m grateful that this happened when we were just three miles from the end of the Bike-MS, not twenty-three. And so, that means I must be grateful for the volunteer who at 9:02 said that the 40 mile loop was now closed, and we should take the twenty mile loop.

    Most of all though, I am grateful that I am healthy and can ride to find a cure to end Multiple Sclerosis!