Shoreline Dreams

highwaterI am not at the moomincabin this week (of course, since I, yaknow, WORK! ROIGHT?) but I wish I had been there last week because apparently this happened. If you read the article, it isn’t exactly a tidal wave. More of a seiche tide phenomenon. Gitchee Gumee is not the ocean and is therefore not affected much by the moon but it is affected by storms, hence the 3-foot seiche tide the article talks about.

Who witnessed this at our beach? We were thinking that 3-5 feet of high water might flote the Motor Bote. Good thing we pulled it out on Labor Day weekend. The kayaks are up on the bank. I don’t *think* the water got over the bank. As it turned out, our loverly friend Dashie commented on a facebook post that there was no walkable beach between Our Northern Correspondent’s place at one end of the beach until Doelle’s at the other end of the beach. Say what?

Folks, this is the stuff of my dreams. I dream all kinds of weird things about the shoreline, like extra islands in the bay and lakes behind the cabins and canals and even freighters coming inside the island. And water on the beach, and coming up through the woods, splashing around outside the cabin. I’m not sure what the beach looked like that day and how deep the water was. Wishing I could’ve been there but I can’t be in two places at once. After a pretty long hiatus from Shoreline Dreams, you can bet this phenomenon has kicked off a spate of them!

2 Responses to “Shoreline Dreams”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate missing out on cool stuff, but we can’t be in two places at one time. (stating the obvious, eh?)

  2. Pooh Says:

    If the water level was 14″ higher than normal at the 4th of July, and the beach was narrow, I kept trying to figure out how much higher the seiche would have carried the water, even though it only was for an hour or so.