coffeeMan oh man, did we have a hard time finding our fave coffee spot down at the farmer’s market this morning! I don’t know the exact algorithm for getting a space at the farmer’s market but there is an element of first-come, first-pick involved. Some people seem to manage to get the same space every week. Roos Roast jumps around. For all I know, that’s their preference. Anyway, it took us a couple rounds through the market to find our coffee folks this morning. I ran into some other people who had given up and gone inside to Sweetwater’s for coffee (which is a great place too). But I knew Roos was there because I saw a Roos person schlepping one of their big jugs around and eventually we found it. For me, looking for Roos is part of the fun. Next time I guess our search will be a bit easier, since we’ve been advised to look UP for the YELLOW SIGN!

Eek! I thought the GG was dying out in the back there for a minute but then he said, “Fumble!” Oh yeah, U of M is playing this afternoon. The Champions of the West. Champions? West? It’s okay, I couldn’t care less about feetsball, although football Saturdays are fun [if you don’t go to the Plum Market before one (note to self)] and I enjoy the ambiance of football on TV.

It was a pretty regular Saturday here at the Landfill even though I was sorely missing Kelley’s Island. I did all my usual chores, processed tons of veggies from the market, and picked away at flinging. Actually, I moved more of the stuff I plan to keep back into the Landfill Chichen. I even moved glassware into a cupboard. I have been storing a bunch of glasses in my loverly new dishwasher all this time. The GG has not been happy about this. I have plenty of cupboard space to store this stuff. The thing is that I don’t want to hide them away. I want a free-standing set of shelves to display them on. I have not had time to deal with this or maybe I just haven’t had the gazinto. We’ll get there.

The GG spent a lot of time cleaning and reorganizing the Lyme Lounge for next week when it will serve as his home base for trail-building up in the Tahquamenon area. Next weekend we’ll be camping and hiking at Tahq and then closing the moomincabin. I haven’t looked at the long-range forecast. I hope it doesn’t snow up there. It certainly wouldn’t be unheard of.

This was obviously a boring day and I am about done except to say that I’m glad I am not over at the stadium because it is raining and there is thunder and where there is thunder, there is lightning.

Oh yikes! PS. Our Partners in Porterization seem to have seen a TV story on my company’s kayak trip yesterday. I haven’t seen it. I hope my underwear is not visible! Here I thought that uglies of meeeeee would just appear in some obscure place on [my-company] TV 7? Eek!

Update: They are calling the game because of lightning. How long will it take to get 100,000-plus people outta that stadium? Soooooo glad I am not there.

3 Responses to “Coooofffffffeeeeee”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You’re famous!( or your underwear is-LOL) I love all the activities you do; I rarely drag myself down to our local Farmers’ Market, especially now during the Washington State Fair. Traffic and parking issues, plus huge crowds. Ugh.

  2. l4827 Says:

    The kayakers look pretty good on the video filler there on channel 7. Wish we had seen a few close-ups–and … maybe spotted a little more …. :-). Anyway, it looked like everybody was having fun!

  3. jane Says:

    I was at the game, but luckily in a swanky suite so the rain didn’t bother us. Until I finally left to walk home (about 45 min probably into the delay, but the lightening kept going, so the game wasn’t going to re-start anytime soon). It was only sprinkling when I left, but about a 1/4 mile later started really coming down. Needless to say I was completely soaked by the time I got home about an hour later. Standing at the stop lights getting splashed by g-d SUVs going the other way – fast and throwing up huge plumes of water. At least I saw them coming, although that doesn’t reduce the splash, just gives me a second to turn my back.

    Any hoo – 3 frogs and 3+ miles later I was home and into a hot shower.