demogorgonThis cute li’l demogorgon was waiting for me on my not-so-0-skunk-30 walk yesterday morning, i.e., I got out about an hour later than usual, hence it was *light* enough that I could see him. I suspect he is the first of the annual Halloween display. Given the number of plastic rats that make up that display, I have to wonder what the interior of that house looks like. Can you navigate from the front door to the bathroom? When was the last time the kitchen was used for anything besides storage? Then again, [most of] the rats disappear when the Halloween season [did I really just call Halloween a season?] ends, so there must be some kind of order involved.

I’m grumpy (oh not all *that* grumpy) because every time I make a few significant inroads on de-hoarding around here, I feel ecstatic! For about two hours. And then I start looking around at how much more is left. Reality check? I joke that I am de-hoarding. I am not a hoarder. You can navigate anywhere in my house, including the Landfill Dungeon, without getting buried under a stack of old newspapers (newspapers?) or dirty dishes (or cats (and their feces)). The main living areas (front and back living room and kitchen) are pretty sparsely decorated these days and it doesn’t take much to let Rooomba have free reign. Still, I would like to get rid of a few pieces of furniture.

I vacillate about how to move forward. Some days / weeks are better than others. The Commander spent a lot of time in her upper 80s getting rid of stuff. I remember running into Radical Betty at Penny’s Kitchen and and she would be giggling about that. “Fran always says she has all this stuff to do.” RB and The Comm were BFFs beginning in college. The Comm was doing all that stuff because she didn’t want to leave a mess for me to clean up. I envy her freedom to fling anything she wanted to fling. Grandroobly was gone and so was The Engineer and she didn’t want to leave me to deal with a whole lot of stuff. Interestingly enough, she didn’t get rid of some of the artifacts I remember when I was a child. I’m not sure if that was on purpose or if she just didn’t come across those things in her flinging activities.

I envy her the freedom to fling but I don’t envy the fact that so many people were on the other side by then. I would rather have fun with all of those who are still around!

I’m not going anywhere any time soon but I do not want to leave my beach urchins with a bunch of stuff and so I continue my flinging operation. I’ve said this before and I will say it again.

Good night,

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Divesting oneself of stuff is probably an apt description? I need to do some of that too; it’s difficult to know where to start, isn’t it?