No blahg blahg

tikihairIt was chilly and windy when I schlepped out to the Ninja after work today and it’s supposed to get down to 40 or so overnight. So, this is the first day of the season that I thought I might need to wear a pair of tights to walk downtown. I was ready for this. I’ve been dying to wear my blue petal skirt and, for reasons I cannot begin to describe, I only wear that skirt with tights. And my red Keens. And I wore my black wool / silk turtleneck and a polartech vest and I stuffed a polartech jacket in my backpack (and my umbrella). I was overdressed. Oh well. I made it, schlepping along down through Miller Woods and West Park.

I wasn’t surprised to see Mouse down there with the GG at the Oscar Tango. Daisy was parked in front of the Landfill when I got home and I had figgered out earlier that Mouse wasn’t working today via an appropriately cryptic post on facebook so I guessed that she had walked down with the GG. We expected to be porterized so the GG snagged the big round table that the Civic Theatre folks usually inhabit. Not sure where those good folks were tonight but glad we got their table.

Walked around downtown for a bit, past Octoberfest and into Literati, then back over to the Landfill, trekking through Wildwood Park to urbanP in the dark on the way. My chosen outfit was probably a bit more appropriate on the way home. I never did use the umbrella even though someone suggested at some point that I may need to get it out. Uh, I will get my goddamn umbrella out if I decide I need to get my goddamn umbrella out.

Home. Second shower and then a wee bit of a nightcap with Mouse, who is still here looking at pitchers on the GG’s iPad with its newly shattered screen.

I’m low on content tonight but sometimes a boring day is a GOOD THING! Jazz is on WEMU and ISS Above is going nuts and I can’t concentrate on writing because there are people here talking to each other (and me) and I am happy about that!

Good night,

2 Responses to “No blahg blahg”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Boring can be relaxing! I think it sounds like a great day, except for the cold. I’m not ready for that. (wimpy Washingtonian)

  2. jane Says:

    several of my former co-workers work at Literati! hope you liked it!!