Gratewalking in alien shoes

gratewalkingSlow but steady progress today. Flinging, that is. We only flung a Ninja load but, as my Pardner in Flinging says, “As long as we make slow but steady progress, we’re doing okay.” We did pretty okay today. More stuff went out the door than came in. After today I have more stuff ready to go. Bags and boxes for Kiwanis / Habitat / Easter Seals / whatever. We’ll get there. The [dun dun dun] stuffed aminals will be the most difficult… Partly because I don’t think various agencies want used stuffties. I “get” why [“ebola”, etc.] but in a different phase of life, I once “rescued” a very small stuffed “baby sicken” from the Haisley lost and found and nobody got sick or died from having that forgotten, woebegone little chick in the Landfill. Maybe I will end up sitting in the driveway with an “adoption” table at some point.

You do not want to know the boring details of my day. Farmer’s Market, Plum Market, Kiwanis and chores in the morning. Organizing and flinging throughout the afternoon. The GG did not walk to the market this morning (but probably wanted to… eek…) and he napped in the afternoon, so I dragged him out for a late afternoon loop around the trail at Barton Dam. Not that it took much dragging, mind you. The GG is almost always up for a hike and I knew that he didn’t get enough of that today.

Most of the trails in the Barton Dam area are field / woodland trails but we usually walk up and across the dam itself. You have to walk across metal grates there. It isn’t scary at all because there are chainlink fences everywhere but I always get a little freaked out that if I dropped my camera iPhone, it might slip right through the grate into the oblivion of the water below.

Good night. Maybe we will buy some bulbs tomorrow. And plant them. Our tentative plan is to walk downtown to Downtown Home and Garden. It opens at 10! Let’s do it!

One Response to “Gratewalking in alien shoes”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What kind of bulbs? I love my tulips! Good job on the flinging. I am thinking more and more about getting rid of stuff. (thinking doesn’t equal doing though)