Put the dry bags away and get the YakTrax out

dhgI’m not sure that we are finished with kayaks this year and I do not think I’ll be needing the YakTrax all that soon but it seemed like a good day to check out what’s inside the bench. I found the dry bag that fit my old iPhone 4GS and two pairs of unused YakTrax. I put that dry bag into the donate pile. I do not know what this winter will be like around here and how many polar vortices we’ll have to endure. Do I proactively buy a couple more pairs of YakTrax or not? Haven’t decided yet. I did order some Smart Wool socks yesterday.

Anyway… A really odd event this morning. Somebody stole our newspaper. The two-day a week paper version of the Ann Arbor Snooze that I probably should cancel because I don’t EVER read the paper version any more. I read news on my iPhone.

This morning. I was a little late launching for my 0-skunk-30 walk but not all that late because it was still dark when I left. Our newspaper was glistening in its plastic bag wrappers at the end of the driveway. I did not pick it up. Ho-hum, I will grab it when I get back home from my walk. Like I always do. Hmmm. On my return trip, I was walking by the Deep Dark Scary Woods and there was a newspaper section sitting on the wooden fence outside the woods. I did not look to see which section and I didn’t think much about it besides something like “hmmmmm, why is there a newspaper there?”. I walked around the corner and squinted at a couple of empty plastic bags on the sidewalk two doors down. The kind of plastic bags that keep newspapers dry (or pick up dog poop). And then. NO NEWSPAPER AT THE END OF MY DRIVEWAY! Say what?

We walked downtown mid-morning and the GG solved one part of the mystery. We found most of our newspaper around the corner. Why I didn’t see it before, I do not know. It was the SPORTS section on the fence. Okaaayyyy. So someone walked past our house IN THE DARK and had such a need to see who won some stupid sporting event that they stole our newspaper. Say what? Somebody else picked up the plastic bags, probably one of the neighborhood dog walkers. We picked up our newspaper, took it home, and eventually threw it in the recycling cart.

Other than that? Both my beach urchins made an appearance today. The DayTwa beach urchin had made noises about coming over today. We didn’t have a firm plan but I had a hunch that chicken pot pie would be a good thing to serve if my lizard did end up coming over here. She is very busy at work and she has a cold – possibly that enterovirus thingy that I think the rest of us had in the summer but who knows. Turns out the lizard did show up today and wouldn’t you know, our Mouse managed to leave work a bit early to join us. Chicken pot pie (and salad) for all.

One Response to “Put the dry bags away and get the YakTrax out”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I still get the newspaper, but don’t read it like I used to. It’s hit and miss. However, I like the idea of getting a newspaper and keeping the journalists in a job, so I keep up my subscription. 🙂 I’m envious of you getting to see both your daughters. Wahhh.