Everyone’s gone to the moon

riversunYes, this is the obligatory eclipse of the moon post. Minus photoooo. If you are one of my nine readers, you may remember that my one and only camera is an iPhone 5S. I travel as lightly as possible these days. I’m sure y’all can find plenty of loverly pitchers of the eclipse elsewhere online. A couple of my fb friends posted some glorious ones.

I had actually forgotten about the eclipse this morning. Actually I didn’t really forget about it. I had it in my head that it was *tonight*. So, I got up this morning and went through my usual pre-0-skunk-30 routine, which consists mainly of taking a shower and layering for whatever the weather is. Mild-ish today so leggings, smartwool socks, Keens, turtleneck sweater, and polartech jacket. No glubs or scarf or headgear of any sort.

I galumphed out the front door and THERE WAS THE MOON IN NEARLY FULL ECLIPSE! I galumphed straight back into the house to make sure the GG didn’t miss it. I don’t know exactly why but I *loved* that there were all kinds of extra people out during my 0-skunk-30 walk this morning. People were out there in their pajamas or robes with nighties underneath them. Everyone was so friendly! “Did you see the moon!” Oh yes, I did. I did not see the selenelion (google it and use it in a sentence for extra credit). By the time that happened, the moon was very close to the horizon and there are too many houses and trees on my side of the Planet Ann Arbor to be able to see the moonrise, or the sunrise for that matter.

I couldn’t help but think about the old song from my wallflower days at junior high dances — Everyone’s Gone to the Moon. Such a good slow-dancing song. Whatever crushes I had back in those days certainly didn’t fill my sniggly little dance card. I actually fergit who my crushes were, so they must have been *very* serious, roight? Er, actually I am conveniently fergitting some of the ones who were fergittable enough that if I had actually spent any time alone with them, I would have probably been totally skeeved out.

It’s odd though that I was remembering that song as a Herman’s Hermits song. I do not think I have ever heard of Jonathan King. He kinda looks like a hipster, doesn’t he? He’s kind of cute but I probably would’ve thought he was nerdy back then. The cute guys all had tons of hair. Some of them looked almost like Cousin Itt. Of course, *I* was one of the biggest nerds around. I just hid it well. Or not. All that said, I was singing that song (inside my head) walking around my loverly little skunk-ridden neighborhood this morning seeing all of those loverly people out there looking at the moon.

Herman’s Hermits? Oim ‘enery the 8th oi-yam. ‘enery the 8th oi-yam oi-yam. … … Second verse. Same as the first. A little bit louder and a little bit worse!

Quit while you are ahead, KW! G’night all!

2 Responses to “Everyone’s gone to the moon”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love the bonding we do when there is a special event. I saw nothing, but then I wasn’t out looking. I know I don’t have the kind of camera that would take a great shot. 🙂

  2. jane Says:

    I was one of the people out watching the moon! I did see one person down the street come out in her robe, and then turn around once she realized it was actually in her back yard, not front yard. And some walkers were looking in the right direction. Was totally cool to see!