Leave area when horn sounds

bartondamWoke up this morning in a sort of a minor panic. It’s Friday! I have so much to do. Get up, take a walk, pack for the Great Not-So-White-[Yet] North, go to work, get home, scramble around like a chicken with its head cut off, drive to the Great Not-So-White-[Yet] North. Oh wait! It’s not Friday! It’s Thursday. Aaahhhh… The day that I meet my Thursday Coffee Buddies at Barry Bagels before work. Such a relief. Well, except for the part when I got to work and figgered out that I told an untruth (or two or three) yesterday and had to walk all of that crap back. At least *I* proactively caught the untruth(s) but still, crow doesn’t really taste that good. Onward!

I had bluegill (and borscht (note to self to buy some beets and make some at home soon!)) tonight though. We bagged our usual habit of eating in and schlepped over to Knight’s Steakhouse, our own neighborhood pub, the one we can stagger home from on foot (although we were too sober to stagger tonight). So much fun. We were happy that there was a 20 minute wait because that meant we could hang out at the bar and talk to the always friendly random strangers seated there. Back when I co-chaired our huge middle school science fair with my old friend V (of purple living room fame), it became part of the agenda for the co-chairs to hang out at Knight’s after Saturday’s judging so I always remember those grand old days. Tonight? We had hardly begun our Yulhattans when they seated us. We were over in the back by the windows, which is one of my fave places to sit. We like the balcony too, especially in the summer when people are showing their cleavage in the waiting area below. Well, that is, some of us like looking at cleavage. Grok grok! Frooooggggy you know better!

I have a few little gauntlets to run tomorrow and then we’re off on another three-day weekend for some hiking, shopping, fall color, and (with luck) spending time with relatives up in the northern lower.

Love y’all and good night,

3 Responses to “Leave area when horn sounds”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You crack me up! Looking at cleavage and getting your days mixed up! 🙂 I have a three day weekend too, but there isn’t as much fall color to admire here in the Evergreen State.

  2. Pooh Says:

    Your Flicker feed had popped up the photo of Betty and Fran at the foggy 4th of July. I clicked on it and the width of the beach is very impressive!

  3. l4827 Says:

    Great stuff. Fall hiking, fall colors and wonderful mild temperatures all are a great combination. Have a wonder filled weekend!