Moom alone alert! Keep her outta trouble!

I bagged my Saturday morning hike to the farmer’s market today but not after much dithering and dathering. Can I walk down there and back and still get over to Daytwa in time for breakfast? The answer was probably yes but my brain wasn’t doing the math very well, so I did my regular 0-skunk-30 neighborhood prowl and then futzed around at the Landfill until it was time to drive.

What a fun day! I got to Lizard Breath’s place in Daytwa and, after a visit to her Water Closet, she commandeered my cute little Ninja and drove us via a rather circuitous route to Rose’s Fine Food. As you can see in the pitcher below, it doesn’t look like much but my Detroit beach urchin knows where to go for food and whine, etc., so I was not the least bit worried about the food or the experience. And both were fantastic. An ever-changing menu according to what is available. As usual, there was more food than either of us could eat, so I have a nice little zap-able breakfast for tomorrow morning. (“These potatoes would be good for breakfast.” — our beloved Grandpa Garth.)


We went from there to a demolition site. One of Liz’s college buddies has a pie-baking biz and she is moving it into an abandoned store front and today was a Work Day so we spent an hour or so “helping” with that (the quotes being because I’m not sure that yer fav-o-rite blahgger was really all that much help). These young folks are taking a building previously owned / leased by a business called Xtreme Lashes…


…into Sister Pie.


We wore masks. I kind of pooh-poohed that idea at first but there WAS dust and we did need them. I doubt that my beach urchin needs a new social media profile pic but here is one if she wants it.


And here on Instagram are two mother-daughter teams ready to get to work. You know I am the baggy old kayak woman-looking one (in the blue skirt).

We ended up scraping off old wallpaper for an hour or so and then we left. It was a lot of fun, especially talking to some of the young folks who have decided to move to Detroit. After another stop at Liz’s Water Closet, we hit up the MBAD African Bead Gallery. Oh how much fun was that? Long story short, the museum is outside (we could hear announcements from a Wayne State University football game as we were walking through it) but it was soooo much fun and we will be back.


After the museum, we were kind of wondering what to do and it was a wee bit early for afternoon whine but we went to St. Cece’s pub and had some anyway.


I wanted to sit there and drink whine all afternoon but I had to drive back to the Planet Ann Arbor and so I did. So much fun to spend the day in Detroit with my Detroit beach urchin. Love Love Love. That is about all.

One Response to “Moom alone alert! Keep her outta trouble!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Fun times! Glad you got the day with L. Love the photo with the mask too. Funny story: I was getting my hair cut and colored today and sat next to a woman who mentioned to the hairdresser that she was visiting from Michigan. And she lives in the Ann Arbor area; she was shocked I could talk intelligently about the horrible winter last year and the Yooperland. LOL She is a snow bird though; they leave for Tucson in November and don’t come back until spring. Wimps.