Remember these?

imacMine was a loverly strawberry iMac. I remember the day it arrived. It was January 1999. I fergit exactly what happened to our previous Apple computer but it was always kind of a doggy thing and a power surge crippled it further. When it finally died, we did NOT incorporate it into an art prodject.

I had just accepted a new “job” as the administrator of a local youth theatre organization, the one the beach urchins hung around with. We had just finished a huge December production of Peter Pan with Flying by Foy and the whole works. Lizard Breath was one of three Wendys and a few other things too. I don’t remember exactly what role Mouse had but I think it was one of the lost boys (and probably a few other things too). I remember that there was a big to-do about the role of Nana but it didn’t involve my kids and I don’t remember the details.

No sooner than I accepted my new “job”, which was offered to me partly because of my rather extensive skills at bullying computers into doing useful things, did my computer crap out. We are not anywhere near the 1% nowadays and back in *those* days, we were way down buried in the 47% or whatever. New computer? Ouch! But this was back in the day of one ‘puter per family and we needed one, so we bit the bullet and ordered the strawberry iMac.

Since I “worked” wherever I was in those days, home, rehearsal or theatre venue (the pay was crap but the job wasn’t all bad!), I was home the day the Strawberry iMac was scheduled to arrive. I was waiting… And then, wouldn’t you know that my 9th grade Commie High student called me. Mom, I’m sick, please come get me. I left a note for Fedex to leave the pkg on the porch, I’d be right back and I scooted downtown to pick up my kid. When we arrived home, the Fedex guy was leaving the pkg on the porch. I explained to him what I’d been doing and he told me that, with the note I wrote, he would’ve left the pkg on the porch. It’s a pretty safe neighborhood here. Nobody even stole the newspaper this morning. [grin]

I loved the strawberry iMac. It wasn’t a laptop but it was small enough that I was able to schlep it places. YAG stuff and Forsythe Science Fair stuff (where a kid thought I was a teacher because I had a “cool” computer. No, kiddo, teachers do not normally get “cool” computers… … …) I have a photoooo somewhere of the GG dropping off my beloved strawberry iMac at the Planet Ann Arbor reeeecycle center. It was sad but it was long dead and we really couldn’t keep it around any more.

Nanosaur was on the strawberry iMac. Anybody else remember that?

Love y’all,

P.S. I finally remembered to switch the radio station over to WKAR and folk music and wouldn’t you know they were playing a folksy cover of You Were on My Mind, one of my all time fave songs. Will have to look up who did that cover.

2 Responses to “Remember these?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have a very fancy school computer these days, a Windows 8.1 HP. It’s very nice. Back in the early days, we used exclusively Macs, but they must have priced themselves out of the market in education because we’re now all PC. Or perhaps it’s because Microsoft is in our backyard? 😉

  2. elizabeth carter Says:

    We had a blueberry, but it was full size not mini, it was gr8. I learned about compters from you guys back then, Thanks.