I love this picture. That is all.

In the cold dark wet of a December in the Great Lake State, the picture below arrived in my email box this morning. My cousin Sandy sent it. It is our cabin, the one I was blathering about yesterday, being built. That’s The Engineer on the left. Then Sandy, Uber Kayak Woman, Suzy (never sure of spelling any more), and yer favo-rite blahgger. Looking a little perturbed about something as was usual in those days. It was the summer The Engineer turned three and UKW and I were both six. Sandy and Suzy are a bit older, just entering their teens (and I remember those hats). I admired my older cuzzints a lot. Nowadays we are all the same age. Yes. We are. Heck, we have all stopped at 35! There’s the Old Cabin in the background with the original back end (kitchen) on it. And if The Engineer were still around, he would know *exactly* what models those vee-hickles that you can almost see in the background were. Yes he was only almost-three then. But he would remember. Thanks, Sandy. I needed this today. Oh, and, yeah, not sure which month or date this pic was taken but there are definitely summer days when winter-ish clothing is needed on the shores of the Big Lake They Call Gitchee Gumee.

4 Responses to “I love this picture. That is all.”

  1. Jay Says:

    My first thought is the car on the left is a Studabaker. But I could be wrong. In 1960 I am pretty sure we had a Studabaker Lark – but I don’t think it was white. But the car before that was white. I think it was in 1962 we got the light green Chevrolet Malibu Station Wagon. Then in 1970 we got the off-white Ford Fairlane 500 Station Wagon (Pucci Rustoli in later years)

  2. isa Says:

    nice plaid pants… you look like ms. mouse.

  3. Dog Mom Says:

    I put the car on the left as a 1959 Ford sedan of some sort…. the car on the right looks more like a 1960 model of [something yet to be figured out]

    I’ve been busy with my [er, The Engineer’s] old Car Spotter’s Guide this morning….

  4. Dog Mom Says:

    Possible correction to *year* on the Ford (left) – per KW, it could well be a 1957 – general taillight configuration is consistent with ’57 & ’59…