Text when you get to Colleen’s house

bffAnd so we did. Parents are home safe.

Getting around in Daytwa continues to be a bit like a canoe, aka a fight. The GPS says to do one thing. The GG wants to do something different. What the hey? He grew up at 12 Mile and Woodward and he and his ugly twin brother were known to hop the bus downtown and over into Windsor, which is in Cananananada. I think that country generally sent them home. Another activity, once they got their drivers licenses was to see if they could drive down into Detroit and back during their high school lunch hour.

You would think that the GG would know exactly where he was going in the Detroit area. I guess he does, sorta. But Detroit is confusing and the freeways intersect in odd places and it’s easy to get off track. But we did get where we were going and wouldn’t you know, we had a good time at our 30-year-old’s birthday. We were the *only* people there who were of the “older” generation. Which was to be expected because why would anyone else drive an hour away to attend their child’s friend’s birthday party. Our daughter hasn’t had a birthday party attended by *us* since she was 17. But what a great time!

It was a slow start for yer fav-o-rite not-very-social blahgger but after she used the bathroom and someone tried to walk in on her (because the door didn’t lock), there was an opportunity for her to talk about outhouses, especially outhouses without doors, like the one yer fave grew up with, her parental units being too cheap to build a door. Oh shoot, I fergot to tell about the vampires and werewolves that hung around out there. Oh well.

Not saying that I was ever the life of the party tonight but that seemed to turn the tide for me to be at least a bit social (or maybe it was the 3rd glass of whine?) and I had such a great time! Hey, just look at these beautiful young women! Lemme see. My two daughters there on the left. And then. A surprise visitor from Cali (yes, really) aka a friend from middle school. And the kid from around the corner, who we first met when she was a two-month-old in a stroller (and Liz was five months). Who knew that these kids would form such long-term friendships, except for those who are sisters and have no choice.

Life can be good if you want it to be!

Love you all,

3 Responses to “Text when you get to Colleen’s house”

  1. Tonya Says:

    It LOOKS like a wonderful time! Such beautiful girls! Ahhhh, 30. (Four days after I turned that number, I gave birth!)

  2. Margaret Says:

    Wonderful memories! I have a 28 year old and can hardly believe she is THAT OLD. 🙂

  3. Sam Says: